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Fall has arrived in N.Y. I'm taking an inventory. I have lost the names of two plants I hope to keep come spring.
Anyone know them from the attached photos?
Thanks in advance,

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Athens, PA

The first photo looks like some type of Veronica - also known as Speedwell. The second photo appears to be an Agastache.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

What is the height of the plant in first pix? If 8-28" is Veronica spicata. If 36-48", it's Veronicastrum, possibly virginianum.

I happen to have both. My favorite V. spicata is the 'Sight Seeing Series' (blue, pink or white) at 28', the tallest of all the Veronicas, great for the vase. If consistently deadheaded will bloom from late spring to frost.... Kathy

Pix-s is the 28"^x30"> blue, V.s. Sight Seeing Blue

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First pic looks like a Veronica.

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