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Growing Sprouts and/or Micro Greens

Kingsville, TX(Zone 9b)

Do any of y'all grow your own sprouts and/or micro greens? I'm not sure this is the right forum for this, if it's not, please inform me!

I grew Mung bean sprouts and Fenugreek sprouts a few times many years ago. A friend gave me the seeds.
But lately I have been thinking about trying a variety. I have no idea where to get the seeds. True, there are a number of suppliers on the 'net, but how do I know which are reliable and trustworthy?
So I'm asking these questions:
Where do you get your seed for sprouts and micro greens?

What are your favorites? I recently found Arugula and Sunflower micro greens in the store, so-o-o-ooo good! I loved them! First time I'd ever seen either, but the store is 50 mi away, not somewhere I get to shop very often.
The 2 stores here used to occasionally have sprouts available. Usually just Alfalfa, sometimes combinations of Alfalfa with either Radish, Clover or Mustard. Haven't seen them in a very long time, so asked about them. One place said they had to stop carrying them because of E. Coli. The other place just admitted outright that they didn't sell well enough for them to make a profit.

So, do you know of a good source for a variety of sprouting and micro green seeds?

Oh, and what is your favorite way to use them?
I like them in green salads and on sandwiches in place of lettuce. Mung bean sprouts I've only used cooked, in Oriental type dishes.


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Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Here is a link to a good place- I ordered the kit and grew 1 crop- I guess I did something wrong, and the molded- but I have all the seed mixes and stuff to do more- just haven't taken time to start them again.

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I haven't ordered from them in a long time, but I used to be fond of Sprout People. Then I got bored of sprouts.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I sprout Red clover. I get them from Mumms.

Forgot to add that I use an "easy Sprout".

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I've done a lot of sprouting over the years. Here is the Sprout People site:

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I typically buy seeds for sprouting from someplace like a natural food store. Any seed that is sold for food consumption can usually be sprouted. For example wheat seed that is being sold to be ground into flour can also be sprouted.

Your set up doesn't have to be very fancy at all. I've made mung bean sprouts by pouring a layer of seed into a cottage cheese container. Fill the container half ffull of water and let them soak overnight. The next day drain and rinse. Twice a day cover the seeds/ sprouts with water and pour off. I use a lid just cracked to keep the beans in. I DON'T keep the lid on the growing sprouts.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I agree, sprouting is very easy. Just remembering to rinse the sprouts and drain the very, very well to prevent mold is probably the only caveat I can think of.

Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

I prefer microgreens to sprouts-

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