Problem with Impatiens

Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

can someone tell me what is the problem with my impatiens, all my impatiens are having the same problem please help.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Your asking what is wrong with your Impatiens, so you need to give some clues to help get the proper help.
Things like when did the problem start,, have you checked your watering regime, too much or too little, to check water, stick your finger into the soil, if too wet, reduce the watering you give, if dry, then give a little more BUT keep checking the soil as mentioned.

Have you noticed any signs of aphids, (green, white or black) flies that suck the sap out of the leaves.

Have you moved the plants in their pot's to a new site, are the plants in direct sunshine ????.

Have you removed a plant from it's pot to look and examine the soil and root's to check there are no soil insects eating the roots or the roots are rotting therefore the top part of the plant cant take up moisture or nutrients.

From the pictures you show, there is some form of deficiency in the plant as the foliage looks either shocked or being attached by some form of disease, aphids or even too close to heating / cooling unit and IF you can forward some more info, then others MAY be able to join in with their views as to the poor health the plants are now BEGINNING to show signs od.
Best of luck.

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

The middle picture looks like some sort of pest has been at the plant.
Some sucking insects also inject the plant with substances that alter the growth of the plant.
Some sucking insects attack the leaves when the leaves are very small, doing enough damage that as the leaf continues to grow it grows deformed from the early damage.

Do you have a hand lens that would magnify the leaves? Can you look really closely at the buds and newest leaves to see if there is something?

Quatre Bornes, Mauritius

thanks for your reply, for the water i don't think it's a watering problem as i check everyday and make sure that they don't get too much water also, the problem started last week on 1 plant, and yesterday i noticed the same problem on 2 more plants, they are not in direct sunlight all day long only in the morning they get the direct sun, someone told me that it might be WESTERN FLOWER THRIPS what do you think?

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Good idea to look into Thrips. There are many species. I do not know which are known in your area. They sure can cause distorted growth.

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