Baby Conifer going brown

London, United Kingdom


Please help, I planted these baby conifers and was planning to move them later down the track when they get bigger

They all seem to be ok but one of them which is getting brown in parts.

Theyve been planted for about 3 weeks now in a mix of clay soil and compost. I watered them initially when i out them in but have stopped as its been raining everyday.

I felt the soil about 20 cm down and it feels cool and damp..not wet.

Should i be watering them more maybe? I didnt notice any aphids but did see a ladybird on one of them.

Pleade give me any advice..dont want my baby conifer to die.


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Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

I think there is something going on there, not just a watering problem.

Look at the base of each brown twig. Is there any sort of bug, or a hole where a bug could have entered or exited the plant?

There are insects called borers or girdlers that will eat the plant just under the bark. Right where the maximum flow of water and nutrients goes up and down through the plant. When that flow is interrupted the plant dies from that point out. This sort of damage is called flagging.

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