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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Wondering if anyone was into anything new here , Last year Liatris wintersow grew for me , (an easy one)
Milk cartons tend to break apart on me , so freezer bags I try .
This year I will try many more . I will post some pic's in a while .
after the sets are in place, and then as spring approaches...

Calgary, Canada

I have not begun any winter sowing here yet, but just gathering seeds.
Some will be WS eventually.
This week is bulb planting!

I do have peony seeds in moist vermiculite on top of the 'frig.
And in the 'frig there are Martagon lily seeds in moist vermiculite.

Clinton Township, MI(Zone 6a)

I have not really thought about winter sowing for the coming winter. I WAY over did it last year with over 150 jugs. Stressed me out all summer trying to plant or give away babies. Plus I have no room left for new plants now!

I am sure I will lose some existing plants. But it will be too late to winter sow by the time I know what I lost.

Still, in the dead of winter I will get itching for gardening and I know I will end up doing at least a few jugs!

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

jvw I hear ya on way over doing it. The first year I did WS, I had 130 jugs, and all spring, into the summer trying to get them all transplanted was hard on the nerves...LOL

Now that I'm in FL I can grow year round and it is much more enjoyable.


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Starting tomorrow
Milkweed Incarnata
Iroweed Vernonia Altissma

Cans and bags this time; More later

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

So how is the weather in Anderson, has it gotten cold already?


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

59 TODAY 48 tomorrow , after that 20's ,30's

Today was nice , after tomorrow , gone until spring . cold ,cold, cold ,

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

I am preparing my iris seeds for winter sowing. I will limit how many seeds since I had so many iris seedlings to find room for this past summer.

Any seeds can be sown in the same way as iris. I can't see using jugs. Too hard to get the seedling out.

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Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Darn, I hit the wrong button.
Below shows what I use for iris seeds since they need stratification. They will be in the bins all winter on the north side of my house. When temp reache 50 to 70 degrees, they will begin to sprout.

These were done fall of 2012 and sprouted early April.The bins are covered all winter to prevent them drying out.

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Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

blomma:: I must have cheap material or something but I like your storage container use..
With mine , there is no seedling removing when it is right or goes well Like soil cubes with an open bottom , sitting in cat litter pans or dish pans , When the seedlings root properly and I get the first one out , Spatula under the cans from then on , and the soil from the can cube and seedling goes into the planting hole .. only tried this with a few so far .. works for me when it does ,,

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Good idea! ^_^

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I am also going to test a few of these . five minute soda bottle pots .

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Yes 8 ounce water bottles too ,,lol another starter pot with lid

All depends on how many and what kind of seeds your doing

Thumbnail by juhur7 Thumbnail by juhur7
Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

I think the bottles make a great start pot, and would work for the seeds. It is a lot less work at the start up than milk jugs. Just that you can't plant as many, which I don't see as a problem, since most always over plant...LOL


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

So far nothing planted in my 5 minute pots ,
red swamp , incarnata milkweed , white campanula ;heart leaved , in a while , ironweed (altissima) , scabiosa knautia arvensis
These are planted in my cans and baggies ,
eastern blazing star , baptisia alba I might get to today .. little fun for gloomy days

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Oh sounds like fun. I love planting seeds. even better when they sprout.

we are gloomy here as well, had some nice rain last night but today where oh where is the sunshine.....LOL we still have today with off and on showers then it is suppose to clear up and the sunshine return.


Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

One question,

How do you get the seedlings out of bottles with roots intact to replant? Not all seeds in a container will sprout at the same time so cutting container isn't good.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

I use coil as it will fall away from the roots with no damage.

If you use seed starter you can always take and place in a container of water, once the mix is wet it will make it easier to loosen the roots from the mix so you can plant or repot.

You can also use this method, to loosen roots from container plants that you have purchased from the store.


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

They all have removable tops , (similar to the jugs) the water bottles are easier to get them out of (same as any pot)
The shape of the larger one makes that a little tricky , but not difficult if your patient .

A lot of seedling sprouts , is the plastic spoon for loosening and lifting (i don't like that )
I would rather shake them apart to pot up . either is a little rough though ,

One in the small container , is plug ,, to the next larger pot or seedling bed ..

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Jan, I don't like to remove the soil from the roots since it takes longer for the seedling to become established. I use an old pickle fork to lift seedling out with as much soil as possible.

1] Iris seedlings just sprouting.
2] Size of the roots on a 1-month old seedling.
3] These are the seedlings that were in the plastic bin all winter. Transplanted May 30, 2012
4] The same seedlings, now blooming size, June 2013---much to my surprise.

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)


I've always work this way on mine and have never lost one plant.... I would say it must be the luck of the Irish but I'm not Irish... just Scottish background.

thanks for posting about your iris. What time of the year do you plant your iris seeds? I know I'm in a much warmer zone than you, but I just planted some a week ago and just wondering how long it takes before they break soil? I can't remember the name of mine as they are from seeds that were from my yard up north. They are like yours I believe yours are bearded iris, gosh my brain has stopped working....LOL

again thanks for the pics of yours, just incredible.


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

The more I practice the fewer plants I lose , Lot of technique here , I suppose that is true with all though .
Still my old cans and bags seems to be my most successful , what I am use to and all that ..

blomma ; always enjoy the pics . A few of my iris tried to make seeds this year and failed ,, I will keep the info and remember for the next few seasons , it all helps ..
Still with use of space for larger seedlings your container ideas and uses are much better , unless I get 100% germination mine would require a huge amount of space , to that available ..

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

I did the 8oz water bottles one year, found they dried out pretty quickly -- but then again, mine did get afternoon sun.

for the 2Ltr bottles.... [Karen] kqrn-something, used to have images as a tutorial on how she did hers. They were taller than yours, and have side air vents ... it was pretty neat how she did them. I do maybe 2 or 3 a season.

Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Jan I am in the process of getting the seeds ready this month. I wait until the weather turns cold---November. For lack of space, due to the success last year, I can't do as many as usual until I cull/sell . I already soaked and refridged my daylily seeds also limited in numbers. I use the Deno method on those.

ju Thanks, glad you are enjoying my photos. Have you tried pollinating/crossing your own irises?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Years ago , the only cross I got , was a red . I don;t have that anymore ,..
Only a few of my own ,for now ..

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Were soil cubes from whatever ;
#1 Under desert cups
#2 full of earth
#3 starting out empty
#4 Under water bottles ) choice of everything. lol
All done inside , then outside quick time ,Later we might be annual poppies ...

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East Greenbush, NY

Haven't started Winter Sowing this year yet but when i do I know myself, I will crowd too many seeds in one milk carton...they germinate in one big lump! ! lose plants that way when trying to separate them. Any hints?

(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

AnnFran, I like the toilet tissue roll idea just posted by Juhur. Cut them in 1/2, 1/3 as Juhur did or leave them whole and line the bottom of milk jugs and/or containers that Blomma uses. I bet it's an ideal solution for fishing indiividual seedlings out!

Thanks for the ideas Juhur.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Not from me AnnFran Those above are why , No transplanting later . I still lose a few but nothing like separating little plants , (i lose too many, also)

Here they are in the garden outdoors . They sprout grow in place where they are , all done ..

Mipii Happy to share . Hope it works for some of you here . I like the roll around the soil cube as it holds the cover on, Later though I don't like having to clean the paper from near the plant as it does break down rather slowly , Good with the bad

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)


When I did WS I always put way more in, and because I used coir as the soil, (and you can do this even if you use seed starter soil) I would life the whole thing out of the milk carton and let sit in water, this would loosen the soil around the delicate roots. I never lost any plants, unless I tried this when the seedlings were really small. I've even had the plants growing out the top of the milk jug (this happened due to have too many milk jugs that were WSing....LOL

Anyway, give it a try, gently pull them apart with your hands.


edited for typo thanks Robin

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(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

Coir is supposed to more antifungal, can anybody attest to that?

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Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

Good hints here. I usually try not to put too many in each milk jug so that I can just dig out a divot in the ground and slip the whole contents of the jug into it. Works pretty well for me.

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

I've done that as well RosesRRed

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

At the moment mine are all under a ft , or more of snow

Thumbnail by juhur7
Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

Ju, With all that snow it looks like my yard

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

we look like that too. We had 2 storms in 5 days. think we have at least 17" on the ground. Maybe more.... I literally lost count while shoveling.

Mount Bethel, PA(Zone 6a)

The snow is actually a good insulation for the gardens. I don't think it harms the seeds at all. I remember thinking that all was lost one year when snow and a frost came down over my early spring winter sown seedlings. They weren't bothered at all!

Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

Hope all of you with that crazy white stuff have power and are warm with plenty of food in the house.

(Robin) Blissfield, MI(Zone 6a)

Thanks Jan...we do. I'ts -15 with 2 feet of snow and the wind chill isn't helping at all...I'm good as long as I can pour myself a nice hot coffee.

Stay warm in FL, it's colder there than what you guys usually get.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

R R R ... yanno, just before we got that first storm on New Years Eve... i was commenting how we need snow to protect our plants. We had a warm up the weekend before Christmas and it melted the majority of snow -- then the cold came... so i was glad when we did get some, and this should stick around a while... but the brutal cold I can do without.


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