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I made this toy box for my GGD Lilly out of a $3.00 yard sale crib.

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That is a pretty neat project you done their.

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We have a Queen size headboard & footboard I keep hoping my husband will heal up enough to turn into a storage bench for me... someday.... it sits in the garage until then!

Englewood, FL

Queen size is pretty big, you want to be sure you have room to put it, even a std. size headboard is pretty long, a twin size (42") is just right for putting against the footboard of your bed to store extra blankets & linens.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

Yes, it's BIG, but my husband bought it especially for me to turn into a bench so .... it will become a bench! Fortunately I do have a covered patio that it could go out on. Visually it will be WAY too big to put at the foot of my King size bed.

Englewood, FL

Be sure to send pictures.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

thanks I will if and even it's ever done and I find the camera!! LOL... we just moved 2 weeks ago so there will be lots of work for a while taking priority over a bench.

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@ ifantail ~ your newest creation looks great, just as the other ones you've made in the past. Since I had to do a "system restore" on my computer a few months back, I think I lost the instruction link you posted on how to make these benches. Can you kindly tell me where to find the post or repost the link for me? Many thanks! When I've been in some of the local thrift stores in my area, I had asked about the baby cribs and was told they don't usually get anything like that donated. Don't know why for sure, maybe it's just that particular thrift store or maybe a sanitary reason. And of course the times when I drive past a 'yard sale' [like where you've got most of yours], I'll do quick look, but never see any cribs. I think once my finances get a lot better, then I'll start to do the "yard-sale" thing. For now, all I can do is look at yours and drool! LOL!!!

Is your profile picture on here a real bird or is it a statue? Hard to tell from the small photo. It looks good tho! :)

Catch ya later. Have a good weekend!

Englewood, FL

Fleur, the only post I could remember is March 27,2012 . The profile a real bird, it's a show type pigeon called an Indian Fantail, there are over 400 different breeds of fancy pigeons, they have shows just like dogs & cats do & are judged & awarded trophy just like the dog shows., it's not unusual to have 1000 to 5000 entrees at one show, Ca. has one of the largest shows in the US. called The Pageant Of Pigeons. I enclosed a pic. of a few of my baby birds from last year so you can enlarge it for a better view.

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Oh goodness, I didn't the think the profile pic was real bird!! beautiful!

Yucaipa, CA(Zone 10a)

ifantail - I'm back after a long "MIA" stint! Your pigeon photos are good. I saw one of the these fancy fantail pigeons last year, when I went to my local pumpkin patch. I always try to go there during the Halloween season [October] and take a ton of photos. The fancy fantail pigeon I photographed was a white one. It was so pretty. I don't know the exact name of it. Here is a few photos that I took of the pigeon. These photos were taken a few years ago [2012 & 2014]. I didn't see this fancy fantail pigeon there when I went in Oct. 2015. I asked one of the workers there about the 2 birds that I didn't see from my previous visits & they told me that sometime they sell the birds. I have lots of photos from my visits to this pumpkin patch that need to be worked on. Since you're a bird "fancier", I hope you like my photos. The first photo is a B&W only cos I wanted to see what it would look like.

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Englewood, FL

Thanks Fleur, your birds look like standard fantails, sometimes called American fantails, the Indian fantails ,( thus the name ifantail). have a head crest & feathered feet
PS I hate the way this new site is structured, I want the old one back.

(Pat) Kennewick, WA(Zone 5b)

You and of the rest of us ifantail! (or at least the ones who say anything!)

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