Bad to dig & store asiatic & oriental lily bulbs for winter?

Edinburg, IL(Zone 6a)

I haven't found any source that says it's ok to store Asiatic and Oriental lily bulbs over the winter. I know they should be left in the ground but I had to dig up about 100 because some lilies were either too tall or too short for the location plus I plan on rearranging several perennials in the spring and didn't want to damage any lilies in the process. My garden soil is usually very soft but it's as hard as a rock due to little rain so replanting the lilies right now would be hard.
I've had good luck overwintering glads and other bulbs in a back room in the house that stays between 45-60 degrees throughout the winter months. I store them in shoe boxes or paper lunch bags.
Will lilies dry out over winter and do they need a period of freezing temperatures to vernalize? If it is ok to store them for several months what do you recommend?

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