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Virginia Beach, VA

Good morning,

We worked from 8 AM --2 PM- The grounds had to be cleared because there was a wedding at 3-PM
Our first day of renovation of the beds was very organized. There was an easel with pictures of every bed and as volunteers came they got to chose the beds they are adopting. I adopted 2 beds.

We had juice, coffee and warm krispy cream donuts and papa johns pizza for lunch.

First thing on the agenda is weed, uproot the overgrown liriope and divide for the edge. DH had the task of trimming the overgrown azalea and did a good job.

The front of facing the road has pansies at the front and dwarf day lillies from another bed. it will look nice once the pansies fill in. we used 10-10-10 as fertilizer.The pansies will be replaced with golden tiara hosta from my bed because they are low and fast growing.

One of our parishioners is donating 16 yards of brown mulch and he was even there to help us. His wife is a friend of mine from food pantry.

I will be creating a rock garden with assorted sedum and variegated soft yucca and the back ground will be Mexican petunias. this bed is the exit door at the back side and this door is where the food pantry clients use. We have a very busy food pantry and serve 50- to 70 clients per day. We are open MWF and some Saturdays if needed for working clients.

Incidentally the heading is spiedbean suggestion. Thank you!!!

Stay tuned!!!


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