Please id,large,dark reddish,hairy spider,1/8in fangs.

Baxter, KY

I found this spider in my kitchen floor next to my cat's food dish. My cat was freaking out. I have tried to ID this spider myself and the closest I can come up with is the black lace weaver from the UK. But still not sure. It seems to be more red than the black lace weaver. The picture is a little deceiving in the fact that it's abdomen was larger before I squished him. I would not want to be bitten by this spider because his fangs were visibly large. As large as 1/8in. Larger than any bee stinger I've ever seen. If this spider is from the UK it is definitely a long way from home as I live in Ky,USA. I regularly receive UPS deliveries from all over and it could have gotten here that way.

Thumbnail by Tsgambrel Thumbnail by Tsgambrel
Minot, ND

This is a male trapdoor spider, a native species - males often wander far fro their burrows in search of mates. They are not dangerous to humans.
See for an example.

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