Something Killing my Esperanza's (yellow bells)

New Berlin, TX

Our new house has about 10 beautiful Esperanza plants, each 4-6 feet tall. They have bloomed all summer and I have kept the buds nipped so they would continue to bloom. However, over the past month, the largest one started to die when I notice there was a brown fuzzy type of growth growing on it. This growth is on the leaves, branches, seed pods, even on the base of the flowers. I cut the plant to the base and put it in our burn pit to burn. This same stuff is now growing on several other of the plant. Does anyone know what this is and how to get rid of it without having to cut them all down. They are still blooming profusely, so I hate to see them go. Thanks!

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

A photo would help in determining what it is.

Geronimo, TX

Hello New Berlin from Geronimo!

I have not noticed any brown fuzzy kind of growths on plants down here along 123. A picture would definitely be helpful. Even better, cut some of it off and take it into Green Gate in Seguin, or Shades of Green in San Antonio. Both are run by extremely knowledgeable people.

Esperanza is tough. If you haven't already, cut them all to the ground. They will come back next spring. This looks like a cold winter and they will probably freeze to the ground anyway. No reason to wait on the cutting. They will quickly regrow to their 6 feet next spring and be loaded with flowers.

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