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potting bench set up? how are you set up?

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi All!
I wanted to know what you all keep on your potting bench and how you organize it. I use it for setting up my winter sowing flats and cuttings. My hubby built me a potting bench and now I'm trying to figure out what will be the best thing to outfit it with. I'm thinking of some sort of system for storing the potting soil underneath and maybe some other soil additives like sand, lava rock or peat. It's basically a tall little table 3x4ft. with a little shelf i set on top of it.
I'd love to hear how you guys have yours set up. This is a very basic set up. Just trying to streamline my process so i can do it throughout the day without a big set up and breakdown.

Clinton, IN

Somewhere on this site is a large thread about potting benchs and how they are built and setup. Sorry but I did not find it, it was a very informitive thread. I am sure somebody will let you know where it is at. Fred

Clinton, IN

Back again, I did some checking and found 2 threads on potting benchs in the gardenshed forum. Your question and another thread about benchs on page 1 and one on page 2, both had pictures of some of the potting benchs with a lot of information about them. Good luck with your new pottingbench. Fred

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

thank you!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

Here is my homemade portable work bench, adjustable for ht and able to handle much more than I can lift.. The tools are kept in the drawer. Accompanying the work bench will usually be a utility cart on wheels, loaded with the supplies I'll need for whatever project I might be working on. Mostly, this serves as a work surface for most of the wiring and pruning my bonsai trees require. The ht adjustability is a real backsaver, seeing that trees range in ht from less than 4" to more than 4'. The turntable is also extremely useful if you're pruning/deadheading or putting your mixed display containers together. It's made from an aluminum lazy-Susan bearing with a piece of scrap wood from a piece of exercise equipment my brother scrapped. I used the scrap wood because it already came with a textured rubber surface.


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Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

Thank you everyone. My bench is done and I'm loving it! One of the best things Ive done in my garden set up so far.

Oviedo, FL(Zone 9b)

i have a rolling plastic potting cabinet that has a sink and hose/drain hookup on it with doors and shelves below and a lot of other features. My hubby gave it to me several years ago and he got it from the Christmas Tree Shop here in MA. I have never seen one like it since anywhere around here. Currently it is spending the winter in my newly renovated sunroom. Usually it has spent the winter in the garage, but because I had a lot of plant cleaning, repotting etc to do this fall I brought it in to keep it there till spring. It is not hooked up to the water inside as this is not necessary. I put most of my pots through the dishwasher in the fall before I use them indoors. and I have a hose that stretches from my laundry room sink that has a watering wand attached. But it is a convenient workspace that folds smaller so it doesn't take up a lot of room.

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