easy potting bench oraganization/design?

Santa Cruz, CA(Zone 9b)

I'm trying to set up my potting bench so that i can easily access the potting soil underneath.
i'm looking for a way to put it on something that rolls easily but wont collect rain water as it is outside.
Any other ideas for storing small amounts of soil additions that would make them easy access would be great too! My bench is a tell redwood table 3x4ft with space underneath and a small shelf i set on top.

SE/Gulf Coast Plains, AL(Zone 8b)

Hi, Lydia. Did you find a solution that suits your needs yet?
When I replaced my dishwasher, I re-purposed the plastic coated, wire baskets inside that held the dishes and turned them into storage for my potting bench. The little plastic wheels on the bottom of the baskets allowing them to be slid in and out of the dishwasher worked just as well to slide the basket in and out from under the potting bench. (I didn't believe it would work long[term, but the plastic wheels have been surprisingly sturdy. ) I cut off most of the post within the basket meant to hold glasses and plates upright so as not to puncture the plastic bags of soil amendments, but I left a few to hold peat pots and small starter pots in place, the same way they once held glasses in place. I think I've seen coated wire baskets on wheels sold for under bed storage…in case you don't have an old dishwasher around. lol.
For large amounts of potting soil, I use a plastic bin on coasters my DH builds with the wheels available from the hardware store. Those bins would probably be overkill for most gardeners. I imagine a 5'gal. bucket with a lid or a small round garbage can with a domed lid placed on one of those coasters meant for large potted plants would work fine. My gripe with the plastic bins is that most are designed with recessed lids that collect water. Good gardening! mk*

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

I was going to suggest the roll out shelving type that you put in your kitchen cupboards. But, not sure if they would take a lot of weight. I have installed those in all of my cupboards in the kitchen that don't have drawers, or other reasons, such as the corner turntable type shelves. However, there probably would be some heavy duty ones in the tool sections at Lowes or HD.

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