CLOSED: Is this a mite that could cause further damage?

faicchio, Italy

I found this insect on a wilting flower bud. The bud had a white web like covering, when I removed it this little creature appeared. The photographs are not very good as I have extreme difficulty holding the camera steady.
Hoping a member can help.

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Minot, ND

Not a mite, but an insect; likely the immature stage (crawler) of a scale insect - see for an image of crawlers leaving the egg mass under a female scale insect. These usually can be controlled with an insecticidal soap.

faicchio, Italy

Thank you Flapdoodle. I was hoping to be able to tag this little fellow with it's scientific name, thus allowing me to read information from Wikipedia or Google. Thank you for the link.

Cross Timbers, MO(Zone 6a)

What you have are mealy bugs, Pseudococcidae.
They are usually covered in a white fuzzy substance. Their eggs are contained in that and they leave it behind, sticking to tender new growth. They can do a lot of damage if you have a infestation.

If I ever see any white fuzz on anything, I'll just smash it with my fingers. I don't even take the time to find if that's what it is or not. I might find one once in a while, but I've never had an infestation. A spray of rubbing alcohol will kill them but it can also burn some tender plants. They also attack house plants.

Good luck!

Minot, ND

After re-examining the images, I believe that ilv2grdn likely is more more correct - I had considered mealybugs as well, but was put off by their relative lack of vestiture - see for a more typical example. Nevertheless, control measures would be about the same as for scale insects.

faicchio, Italy

I thank ilv2grdn and Flapdoodle for their valued information and links.

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