Tell me about my pepper

Starkville, MS(Zone 8a)

I have grown several large bushes of Trinidad Scorpion pepper plants. Before we get a hard freeze tomorrow and again on Thursday, I went ahead and picked a gallon of them. Unfortunately I planted them too late for them to turn red (I grew them for a friend who had seeds). I think they are at their hottest when they are red colored. Most of mine are still green and a few are yellow-orange. They are all good size though, about the diameter of a half dollar.

Has anyone actually tasted this pepper? If so, how hot are they? IF really, really hot, is there a practical use for them.

Ken in NE Mississippi

Madison, AL(Zone 7b)

I haven't tried that particular pepper, but at 1,200,000-1,400,000 Scoville heat units it qualifies as nearly the hottest there is. Do NOT cut these up or process with your bare hands!

Super hot peppers do well dehydrated and chopped or powdered for recipes, pickled for a spicy condiment, or turned into hot sauce. And I'd only make the hot sauce in a very well ventilated area... like outside over a propane burner.

The reality is most people cultivate these super hot varieties as a curiosity, not for actual eating. This variety is apparently used to create tear gas. Yum.

P.S. Apparently it IS the hottest known/verified pepper there is: it's currently the Guinness World Record Holder.

Starkville, MS(Zone 8a)

Thanks for the info, Nicole. Tear gas, huh.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Outdoors, safety glasses, rubber gloves

Starkville, MS(Zone 8a)

One of my dental assistant's mother loves to eat raw peppers, the hotter the better. She is Vietnamese and says she has never found a pepper she could not eat. I took a large batch of these 'Scorpions' to the assistant today (with a large warning taped to the outside of the bag). It will be interesting to see IF she is able to eat even a small pinch.

P.S. I am a retired dentist but still keep in touch with my office staff.

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