CLOSED: Beautiful, functional and totally mesmerizing copper and glass garden sp

Bothell, WA

These hand-made artisan sprinklers will be a wonderful addition to your yard and garden!

Select from many wonderful, colorful glass balls and globes as the centerpiece of your sprinkler. Reds, greens, yellows, blues and many creative color-combinations are available to choose from. You're sure to find a favorite!

Driven by water pressure, the copper hoops rotate independently in opposite directions, offering a mesmerizing interplay as they sync in and out with each other. The water sprays high and wide in a twisting and twirling pattern, catching the sun and creating rainbows. You will be pleasantly mesmerized every time you watch them!

The water pattern covers a wide area and the spray is soft and gentle on your plants. These are solidly built and made in the Bothell, WA area.

This link is to a YouTube page where you can see them in action:

These sprinklers would like perfect in your own yard, or give one as a gift.

Visit for a great selection.

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