Cooking cannas?

Barberton, OH

I just dug my cannas and some roots are 2" in diameter. I think I read somewhere that they are edible. (edible does not mean tasty) I have no idea what variety, green leaves, red flowers.
Has anyone ever eaten cannas? How are they cooked? I have to bring a vegetable dish for the garden club pot luck, but I think it would be prudent to try them first. Any suggestions would be helpful. I googled canna recipes but all I got were about a different plant altogether. I think they thought I left "bis" off my query.
The first pic is a seedling. The other was taken in early July


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Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

Ive never heard that canna tubers are edible and I am very old. I am editing this post after looking up cannas on wikipedia. It says that canna rhizomes produce the most starch of any rhizomatous plant and they are eaten by animals in agriculture and the starch is used to make cellophane noodles in Thailand. So you are correct that they are edible but my take on reading the article is that they would be used nutritionally for people as a flour to make bread, noodles, gruel and probably would rely on seasoning to have much taste. Hey, you put enough butter on anything non poisonous and it will taste good!

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Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

You got my curiosity going and I found this article in DG article files. I think it is just what you might need.

Barberton, OH

Thank you very much. I will try cooking some. Can you ID my cannas from the pics of the flowers and tubers? This variety is common here. Of course the tubers have to be stored inside for the winter.

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Belton, TX

We have been eating canna bulbs for years...roasted in foil with a garlic clove or two and a bit of butter. But I believe it is dependent upon the species/bulb and whether it has been raised organically or not...we raise canna purpurea, a species plant that can produce 6 to 12" slightly red tubers...and they are tasty....check edible-living on-line and it will provide the nutritional break-down for this canna. I have never tried the hybrids since I was told by several permaculturalists that most hybrids are not organically developed or raised. That information may be on the same web site...

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b) interesting! I had no idea....

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