unusual spiders

london, United Kingdom

Can anyone tell me if any of these spiders are poisonous the red with white sack and the other black and abit of red
Because I see these in my back garden. Thank you

Thumbnail by sg999 Thumbnail by sg999
Minot, ND

The first spider is Dysdera crocata, known as the woodlouse or slater spider - http://www.uksafari.com/woodlousespiders.htm It has large fangs for its size, and can give one a painful (but not dangerous) bite if mishandled.
I cannot see the head end of the second spider clearly enough to be certain of an i.d.; it might another woodlouse spider or possibly a tube-web spider - http://www.uksafari.com/florentina.htm
In either case, these are not dangerous to humans. Like nearly all other spiders, they have venom glands, and thus technically venomous. Very few spider species truly are dangerous to humans - see the 'sticky' on spider bites at the top of this forum. BTW, 'poisonous' usually refers to something that can harm you if you ingest it...

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