SOLVED: Cestrum Nocturnum varietes ?

Miami, FL(Zone 11)

I need your help in deciphering a mystery, when it comes to evening jasmine or Cestrum Nocturnum

I have been told most of my life that, there are two kinds of evening Jasmin or galán de noche
One with a strong fragrance and one with NO fragrance at all, which is called day jasmine or galán de día
I found this cestrum that has smaller trumpets and whiter, I do not know, at this moment what kind of cestrum,is this because I read that there are more than one variety

Please help, and thanks

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San Francisco, CA

You have Cestrum diurnum. It should be fragrant during the day but it varies from plant to plant.
C. nocturnum flowers are more greenish and don't reflex at all.

Miami, FL(Zone 11)

@ Vestia
Thank you !
While doing research on the subject , I found out that there are over 200 species , in colors that blew my mind , from red , yellows to purples and orange
I just wonder if their fragrance is as strong as the evening jasmine
Best regards

San Francisco, CA

C. diurnum is not as strongly fragrant as nocturnum; hardly anything is...

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Miami, FL(Zone 11)

You are so right!

I have two bushes in front of the house, and when they are in bloom ........the fragrance can at times be a bit too much :-)

But I love them

On the other hand, what you think of this?

Or this

I don't mind having a light fragrance like C.diurnum, is another piece added to my collection, is very sad when people destroy a plant, just because it doesn't smell, as a neighbor told me, after destroying one in his patio, but with your helpful information; I may help him see the light

When something so beautiful like this butterfly prefer to lay their eggs on Cestrums

In my opinion, it should be protected

BTW, The world would be a better place if more people, were to plant a garden, no matter how small

A big thank you, from the sunshine state

Quote from Vestia :
C. diurnum is not a strongly fragrant as nocturnum; hardly anything is...

San Francisco, CA

We grow many sp. of Cestrum here, but we do not have the amazing Greta.

Miami, FL(Zone 11)

Quote from Vestia :
We grow many sp. of Cestrum here, but we do not have the amazing Greta.

I will be looking for one :-)
You are so lucky , with all those beautiful varieties of cestrum , if you ever decide to sell a cutting , please keep me in mind

Miami, FL(Zone 11)

I will be looking for one Greta :-)
I am sorry for the double post

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