SOLVED: Is this plant Aeonium arboreum

New Plymouth, New Zealand

I would appreciate the ID of this Aeonium.


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Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

It does look like it, but it might also be a hybrid with mostly A. arboreum genes. Unfortunately Aeoniums are indiscriminate breeders and just about any species will cross with any other species.
"Pure" A. arboreum plants from the wild tend towards having quite thick, almost "meaty" leaves, many of the hybrid plants have a thinner leaf and some are also much narrower as well.

Can you get access (perhaps at a library) to the book "Aeonium in habitat and cultivation" by Rudolf Schulz. This covers the ground very well. If you want a name you can write on a label for your plant, I would suggest "Aeonium aff. arboreum" OR "Aeonium arboreum (poss. X)". The first alternative is botanists shorthand for "Aeonium species affiliated with Aeonium arboreum" and the second means "Aeonium arboreum, possibly hybridized (crossed) with another unknown Aeonium species".

Ciao, KK.

New Plymouth, New Zealand

Thank you Kaelkitty

That's the info I was looking for

Appreciate it

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