Mexican Daisy is... a Bolivian Sunflower

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Bolivian sunflower - Tithonia diversifolia
Tithonia diversifolia (Syn. Mirasolia diversifolia) feed, fuel, compost, land demarcation, soil erosion,
commonly known as Mexican sunflower was probably building materials and shelter for poultry [3]. The use of
introduced into West Africa as an ornamental plant [1]. Tithonia as an effective source of biomass for annual
A member of the family Asteraceae, Tithonia is an crops has been reported for rice [4] and it has been
annual, aggressive weed growing to a height of about more recently reported as a nutrient source for maize
2.5 m and adaptable to most soils. It had been observed in Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe [2]. The abundance
to be widely spread in Nigeria where it is found growing and adaptability of this weed species to various
on abandoned/waste lands, along major roads and environment coupled with its rapid growth rate and very
waterways and on cultivated farmlands. Tithonia has high vegetative matter turn over makes it a candidate
aroused research interest because of the relatively high species for soil rejuvenation [5]. The suitability of a plant
nutrient concentrations that are found in its biomass and material for compost production for soil amendment
because of its ability to extract relatively high amounts of depends on its nutrients being above the levels at
nutrients from the soil [2]
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World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3 (4): 503-507, 2007

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Is this written in code?

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Is what written in code????

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A lot(most) of the sentences don't appear finished.

Saint Petersburg, FL(Zone 10a)

oh ok, I think I understand now. That was copied and pasted from....
( World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 3 (4): 503-507, 2007 ), and is just the way it came out , I guess. Those appear to be partial sentences that are references but still contain some pertinent information. Probably best that you find your own reference sources for Bolivian sunflower - Tithonia diversifolia.

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