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an evergreen tree or bush best used as a screen/ zone 7

Pittman Center, TN

I recently bought a cabin in the woods...east TN. In the winter, when the foliage is gone, the neighbor's
property in the back is then noted to be an awfully messy storage area (cars, campers, etc). I would like to plant
native shrubs, bushes, trees ...something evergreen....that will grow well in a low light area ....I am looking
forward to any suggestions from the forum. Thanks in advance! Lisa

Scott County, KY(Zone 5b)

You should plant a species like American Holly (Ilex opaca). While it is not a rapid grower, it is a long lived species that exists naturally as an understory species in the southeast.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Go have a chat with the local officers who deal with parks, landscape ect, they will have a good list of Small trees / shrubs and coloured foliage you need and will be happy in your environment, it will cost you nothing to gain some insite into what the plants requirements will be, take a look around the neighbourhood also as if it grows around your place ot will work for you, pruning/ cut back, is also possible IF needed.
Good luck,

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