To Kill or Not To Kill..

dubai, United Arab Emirates


I have found a lot of some worms which arere living in my jasmine pot. The jasmine seems to be not growing much right now but I dob't know if its because of the lower temperatures or anything else. Can anyone identify these worms that live in the pot? Are these beneficial earthworms or some creatures damagingthe roots? If latter how can I get rid of them and revive my plant?

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Rolesville, NC(Zone 7b)

It's definitely not an earthworm. It reminds me of a house centipede but I'm not sure if you have those on your side of the world. You may want to post a better (higher resolution) picture here:

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I agree with plantfreak, it is not a worm, worms of any type don't have legs, insects bugs flying, crawling things do have legs, they look a bit like what we have here in UK calles Silver fish, these are small grubs that (ONLY LOOK A CROSS BETWEEN A FISH AND A GRUB) the fish likeness is because they have a sort of fish rear end and grub because they are harmless, but come out at night and when startled by a light being switched on, they scarper away to hide. they don't bite, don't eat plants and I think live in humidity of bathrooms or kitchens where moisture in the air is present.
I am aware I could be way off course but that's my best guess.
Hope someone else can come in and help you out, As plantfreak suggests, a sharper / clearer picture might help better.
Good luck and kindest Regards.

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi, this was actually the best picture I could get because its way too tiny and hard to capture while in the pot. I got this pic when I took the pot to the bathroom for a full soak. These guys are actually only 1cm long and hardly 1 mm wide and yes it did have a lot of legs and even two antenas (if thats what those things protruding from the head were plus a wormlike wrigly body. I'm glad I got rid of two since they arent anything beneficial.

I'll try to take a picture again if I see them.

They also run pretty fast when placed on a camouflaged surface like on soil or brown pot or mmulti grey stone surfaces.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I think maybe a centipede or millipede. They are mostly nuisance pests and of no great harm.

dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi yes thank u so much it is a centepid. Any idea how I can get rid of them?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

You have just described the tiny bug called Silver fish as I mentioned before, they are totally harmless to people or plants, they live on decaying material withing the pot, they like dark dampish areas and you find them in bathrooms or unused bedrooms where ventilation is NOT given, they skuttle away very fast when human or animals enter the room ot the light is switched on in the evenings.
Do a search for Silver fish insects and you will find there habitat and maybe a cure for them.
Most people leave them be as they are harmless.
Best Regards.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Looks like a picture of a slug( without a shell) and way too many feet, but I would bet WeeNel was accurate with the silverfish id. Size for one thing-silverfish are abundant indoors more often than not, millepedes choose woodier homes, they may be harmless but I rate them on the GRRR meter the same as cockroaches...

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