Tallest Evergreen Rhodies for Zone 6?

Boston, MA

I'm planning a mixed evergreen privacy hedge along one of our lot lines and want to include some large leafed evergreen rhododendrons. My online searches haven't turned up many cultivars that will get really tall - 15 feet is the minimum that I want to consider, 30 or 40 feet would be even better. (Width doesn't matter: there's a lot of space.) Bonus points for cultivars that are relatively fast growing and dense, though I'm in this for the long haul. Flower color isn't too important, though white or cream or pale pink would be most inconspicuous, given the colors of the nearby flowering trees. Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Hurst, TX(Zone 7b)

You can check rhododendrons by size in the American Rhododendron Society's web pages:


Just remember that many rhodies will grow taller than advertised as the "size at maturity" in plant labels is an expected average at about 10 years of age. And once some plants reach that height, they will likely continue getting taller, especially if they get plenty of shade and time/age.

I remember someone showing me a picture of a variety called Cynthia (sp?) that looked impressive with someone standing beside it. There is also a Mt. Everest that blooms white; check to see if they are hardy in your area and about tall enough. A 40ft shrub may take decades to reach that height.

Interesting reading: http://www.chimacumwoods.com/macabeanum.htm

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Boston, MA

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