Flower Ninja Needed

North Coast, Dominican Republic


I would like to know if anyone could identify the flowers here:


There are quite a few but it would be cool to know the species!!!

Rolesville, NC(Zone 7b)

1 Eichhornia crassipes (water hyacinth)
2 Curcuma spp. (Ginger) not sure which one
4 Phalaenopsis spp. (moth orchid) good luck narrowing it down
5 Dendrobium spp. (orchid)
6-9 orchids I don't know
12 Cleome hassleriana (Spider flower)
14 Calotropis procera I think. Definitely something in Asclepiadaceae.
15 Ixora
16 Plumeria
17 orchid I don't know
18 Trimezia martinicensis (Yellow Walking Iris)
19 Pachystachys lutea (Golden Shrimp plant)
20 Zinnia

Hope this helps!

North Coast, Dominican Republic

Awesome helped a million. They've all been labeled now. Will give you guys some credit, would be nice if we could figure out the remaining ones =D

Rolesville, NC(Zone 7b)

And now, a lesson in nomenclature. All Latin names should have the first letter of their genus ("first name") capitalized and but the first letter of the species (the second name) should be lower case, such as: Eichhornia crassipes never Eichhornia Crassipes.

San Francisco, CA

I'll try the orchids:
#6 Oncidium(dancing lady)
#8Ascocenda(vanda alliance)
#9 dendrobium
Last 2 is Ascocenda

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

#3 might be a Protea of some variety

#10 might be a Bromeliad of some variety

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