quebeck, Canada

This is a really easy member of the Gardenia family. It's called Mitriostigma axillare - and it's common name is African Gardenia. Apart from needing a minimum of 55F, it is perfectly happy as a house plant, never getting more than 2-3' tall. It is not fussy about acid soil and doesn't need high humidity. A happy chappy by nature, it isn't temperamental or demanding at all unlike its larger cousin. It enoys half to full sun and has a delicious perfume (although different to the regular Gardenia) that you will notice in the air as you pass. Moreover it's everblooming - mine is in flower now and is in a south facing window. It's amazingly easy to propagate from cuttings. I struck some a week ago in a heated propagator at 80F, dipping the ends of the cuttings in rooting hormone powder first, and they rooted in 4 days!!

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