pineapple lilly/ aloha lilly

Clearwater, FL

I live in zone 9 (Clearwater FL) and my lilly has drooping foliage, should I cut all of this foliage off now.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

NOOOOOO, don't cut away any foliage unless it's got a disease ect, the foliage drooping is natural, the decaying foliage by the way offers protection for the bulb / tubers / roots of plants, it should be left in situ till it turns brown, yellow or dries off, that's the time to give a gentle tug to remove it if it is causing an untidy look, I try leave mine in place till spring but we have really cold wet winters. The drooping / dying foliage sends nutrients back down into the bulb and this feeds the bulb replacing the energy the bulb has used while making flowers.
Hope this makes sense to you, give the bulbs a good drink and half strength feed as this also rejuvenates the bulbs for the next years flowering.

Best wishes.

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