Water Lillies

Adelaide, Australia

I brought 10 water lilly (of mixed varieties) seeds by ebay (its hard finding people to trade with in Australia) planning to try to grow them right away but when I got these they say sow in early spring :( . Its the start of summer here, will I likely get "some success" if I ignore the sow in early spring and sow them now (making sure they stay out of any heat waves etc)....

How easy or hard are these to grow? (some people think I have a green finger but I really dont know a lot about plants).

Anyone have any hints in growing these from seed.


Athens, PA

I have not grown waterlilies from seed, however I have grown many waterlilies from tubers. I expect it will take some time to get your waterlilies to the tuber stage.

The question I have is how long are the seeds viable? If they are one of the many different types of seeds that are viable for several years, then I would hold them until the appropriate time of year. If not, then I would sow them now and try to replicate the conditions the seeds need. Can you keep them in the refridgerator to create a spring like environment?

Adelaide, Australia

thanks for the response.

Ive no idea how long these seeds are viable for. All I know is the seeds consist of both tropical and also of hardy types.

I was concerned as after I'd brought these, I read online somewhere that the seeds of the hardy types shouldnt be left out of water (so maybe half my seeds arent viable due to that?? Does anyone know about that?). For the tropical ones, as I dont live in a tropical area.. I suspect those will only be annual things, so by growing them now in summer, would mean they would be only just taking off by the time winter comes. So I could be really screwed with these seeds.

Today I decided to experiement with them a little bit (as Im worried about the hardy seeds being out of water) and hence sowed two of the 10 seeds I have.

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