New to Hydroponic

Bend, OR

I have an interest in hydroponics, but I know so little about it. It seems to be expensive. Can anyone recommend a how-to book, or give any advice?

Thank you.

Clinton, IN

Bella, One way to get ideas on how to do hydro. is go to youtube ,type in hydroponics in the search box. There is a months worth of videos about different ways to do hydro. Some use 5 gallon buckets or gutters or pvc pipe. MHP gardener is one of my favorites. I am using 5 gal. buckets as dutch buckets and also 4 in. drain pipe. Had different greens and strawberries in the pipes and tomatoes and peppers in the buckets. If you do it youself it can be inexpensive and lots of fun. Fred

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

I also am about to get started in hydroponics (Kratky method, like mhpgardener on YouTube).

I've Googled "Kratky Hydroponics" because I don't want to go electric on my setup. Bobby (mhpgardener) has a fantastic setup, and gives very easy, clear instructions on all he does.

Google will teach you anything you want to know, about just about everything you want to know!

I'm collecting large coffee cans to begin with lettuces and spinach...

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