clumps of seedlings

East Greenbush, NY

I am about to begin Winter Sowing for 2014 and hope to plants seeds so the seedlings don't come up in clumps and are too hard to divide and transplant. Zone 5's a long way until Spring!

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Yes it is , what all are you planting ,
Mine, as on another thread ,are under a foot of snow , indoors I have an Amaryllis seed that has a root , no sprout yet though.
Can't keep or get an interested gardener down ,, lol , their (we) are always about something to do with plants ..

East Greenbush, NY

Thanks JUHUR7, I re-read a winter sowing page and it said if seeds germinate and come up in clumps, it's okay... when transplanting just separate the clumps into smaller clumps and nature will sort them out. Maybe this year I could try to sow more sparingly and carefully..

Calgary, Canada

Sometimes small clumps of seedlings might save time in a busy season.
Then separate further when not so busy.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

AnnFran -- while reading some comments on winter sewing, you may see " HOS " that's Hunk of Seedlings or Chia Pet, pretty much the same thing.

I've done a milk jug, where it looks like a Chia.... and I will just divide that into 4 smaller hunks of seedlings and plunk them in the ground.

case in point -- I've started using smaller containers... I'll use a lot of Qt sized, like Half & Half or Kefir containers... then I'll just take the entire 'hunk' and pop it in the ground.

we all find our own way of doing things.... as mentioned, mostly trial -n- error ...

Good luck and have fun.... winter sowing is totally addicting.

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