New Year's Day-2014

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

This is my gift to you, a clean slate for the new year. If you need to look back at last year, find it here:

We have been chatting here too long. Happy New Year!

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Columbus, OH

Happy New Year to everyone!

Lewisville, MN(Zone 4a)

Happy New Year!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Happy New Year!

Thanks Bonnie!

Columbus, OH

I have many house plants. I am the only person who ever grooms, waters, or cares for them. I have never, in my life, been poked in the eye by a house plant. Today, DH managed to get poked in the eye by two different plants. How odd.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Happy New Year! Stay warm and safe this year!! (that means you Marshall)

Hamilton, OH

Happy New Year to all
I also have a Lot of Houseplants, here's one Blooming, my goal is to downsize a lot of them, I have way to many, the last one is my Best Looking Flower, GS at Christmas


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Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Happy New Year to everyone!

Josie and I took a walk around yesterday, since we are supposed to get lots of snow today.

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Columbus, OH

We are supposed to get snow, it's a French toast emergency situation here. lol

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

We have about 5" of snow so far. We are about to head out sledding. Maybe even a snowball fight. It seemed to pack great when I was cleaning off the deck.

Celine, Maybe they are trying to tell him to look where he is walking. Lol! My son uses my aloe plants to battle each other. They look a hot mess!

Elizabeth, It's nice to see you around.

Be back later. Time to play!

Hamilton, OH

I just Shoveled my way out, this morning, it's still coming down, you should have Fun, it does seem to be just right for either sledding or Snowball fights. it's nice to be back, have been Busy with DH's Dr appointments, he had to have Surgery on his eyes, so I have to Drive him around


Waddy, KY

Well, Hello Juli!!!!!! Haven't heard from you in forever. Glad you dropped in!

Happy New Year to all too!

Was a nice Christmas, birthday and New Year. Technically cooked three Christmas dinners and actually didn't mind a one of them. Everyone was pleasant and that always makes for a nice time.

New years eve was a pretty bland time. Spent yesterday vaccinating sheep/goats and trimming feet since it was fairly warm and I had no desire to be doing any of that sort of thing today or anytime in the next week. Dang it's COLD out there! I HATE cold weather with a passion.

Elizabeth, hope everything goes well with DH's eyes.

Karen, keep the snow. What the heck. If it's going to get down below zero here maybe I need 3-4 inches just to insulate the ground.

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I've quite counting or celebrating the danged things. My gray hair is starting to get me the senior citizens discounts even before my time now. I guess gray just equates to being OLD. NOT!!!

Bonnie, thanks for the new thread. We need a lunch together whenever we can. I haven't had Chinese in a while....

I used to have a bunch of house plants when I worked. Kept them in my office. When I retired I moved them to the house that's not finished because I have no room where I live. I've managed to kill a six foot Norfolk pine. I have saved the fig trees and a few others. It does sadden me that I killed the pine. I'd had it a long, long time.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

The snow is fun! This windy arctic air is not fun! We ended up with about 6" of snow. It's not good packing snow. We had a great time sledding. I love playing in the snow. I fixed Hot Chocolate before we went out and put it in a thermos. It was hot and ready for us when we came in.
School is canceled for tomorrow already. Looks like we can play all day in the snow again tomorrow.

Elizabeth, Your GS is cute as could be. He looks like he enjoys his bike.
Your plants are beautiful. I already threw my poinsettia in the garbage. Is that bad? I pitch them every year.

Celene, Hope you were able to get your french toast.

Here are some picture's of what aloe looks like after boys use it to battle. From what I have gathered the aloe battles each other. lol Not sure who won the battle. All of my aloe looks like it lost the war. lol

Better get going. I have been on a baking kick the past few days. I have made several types of cookie's and brownie's and muffin's. I have time to eat them as well! And I am!
Hope everybody stays safe and warm. Have a Blessed night!

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Karen, have the boys been sneaking in here and taking my aloes and using them in their fights? That sure looks like mine!

Janet, just say the word on lunch. You are the busy one now days. I just don't like to cancel my Tuesday visit to the Nursing home, but any other day is fine usually.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Janet, I'll keep the snow. It's keeping my plants safe from the blustery wind chill we have.
Hope you get to have market inside this weekend. It's going to be really cold.

Bonnie, Maybe they did. Mine never use to have holes and scars all over it. Now it has more holes than swiss cheese.

I better get myself to bed. Hope everybody has a Blessed evening.

Waddy, KY

Arrgggh!!! Feed truck just pulled out and everybody had to go out to pull the wagons up to the barn in the dark. They had to feed sheep pellet to the cows tonight because he hadn't showed up yet. Turns out he had three flat tires on the truck today. Sent him on his way with 2 hamburgers and a glass of tea. Goodness knows when he'll finish his run and make it back to Winchester.

Ran to town today to try to find pumpkin and chocolate chips on mark down. I did find a little but not like I was hoping. Found some chips for $1.09 a bag. I was hoping for at least a hundred bags since I can use 8 bags a week making pumpkin chocolate chip bread in the summer. Oh well, did the best I could.

Not sure what else I did but it seemed like I was busy most of the day. Messin' and gommin' as my dear departed FIL used to say.

Not looking forward to all this cold. Guess I need to just put on another couple layers, keep the fires fed and get on with it.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Janet, Thanks! Your kindness to the feed man has made my day. I love to hear about acts of kindness. Thank You and Bless You!
Pumpkin chocolate chip bread! That sounds Yummy! What other yummy things do you make for market?

Better get going! Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Happy new year 'everyone. I'm still lurking on a regular basis. We went to TExas to visit our daughter'sil'and grands for the holidays. The kids are 7,9,and one .We had a great time.

We are now in Florida for the winter. I'm just now recovering from lack of sleep and long hours riding in the car. I feel for you all with your current weather. I won't even mention the temps here.

I have lots of houseplants, but I'm not sure they will survive the winter. My daughter that lives in Santa Claus Indiana will check on them every few weeks and will certainly do her best for them.

Stay safe and warm ya all.

Columbus, OH

It's sure getting colder here. The dog just brought me her pajamas to put them on for her.

Working on creating diet meals to be supportive of DH. We are having zucchini & yellow summer squash julienned into "spaghetti" with pesto and diced tomatoes, and some lemon-garlic-parsley baked chicken thighs with a side of garbanzo, spinach and zucchini patties for me.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

I thought I was full, but that sounds really good!

Jules, so nice to see you and Josie! Hope you start posting here again.

Had dinner at sons tonight, OMG! Filet mignonette, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, sautéed onions and mushrooms and yeast rolls. Thought I died and went to heaven!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

After the holidays I thought I was tired of food, but those meals, Joyce and celene sound really good.

Don't know what our weather is going to do. Right now we have rain, and the temps keep dropping. If I remember chemistry right, I thing that it will eventually turn to ice!

Columbus, OH

I can eat an embarrassing amount of roasted asparagus.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies. DH will eat it, but not much, nor willingly!

Lou, good to see you, and even better to hear that you are in a warmer place. My DTS and DBIL have bought a house in Florida, and every time I talk to her she is wanting me to hop a plane and come down. I would love to, but that would mean finding someone to take care of my dogs, and I am particular about that. I would never put Mr. B on a plane in cargo, if he couldn't ride in the cabin with me, then we wouldn't be going!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

It's so cold here! My poor dog's went really fast this morning and their feet were still hurting them. I'm now in the process of trying to make them some booties. Not really sure they will wear them. It's worth a shot anyway. I'll post pic's if I'm able to get them to wear them.
Lou, It's very cold here. Enjoy the nicer weather for all of us! It should start to get better here Wednesday.

Celene, Sounds like yummy support!

Joyce, Sounds like a A class dinner. You and Celene have my mouth watering this morning.

Bonnie, How do you get tired of food? It's winter! What else is there to do except cook and bake and eat. lol

I have been asked to play Clue. I'm going to have to take him up on that one. I love board games. I can play those better than the video games.
Hope everybody stays safe and warm! Have a Blessed Day!

New Madison, OH(Zone 5a)

Good morning everyone! And a very Happy New Year to you all!
Was a quiet new years eve here. I went to bed right after it hit midnight.
Now we have the extreme cold...brrrrr. It was -9 here when i got up this morning...which means it was probably colder, earlier. Lots of blowing snow around..not sure how much we got..but dont think it was the large amount they had predicted at first..and thats a good thing!
Juli......sooo good to see you!!!! Hope you are well...think of you often.
Well..i best get moving here, before i cant....LOL!!
Hugs to all!
Ooooo..almost is a GOOD recipe for anyone that wants to try it. I make this at least every few weeks. We love it!!
Eckrich skinless sausage, potatoes, carrots, celery, red and green peppers, an onion, mushrooms, really whatever u like. Cut all into small pieces. Put all except the sausage into a ziploc bag. pour in a small amount of olive oil and smush all around until coated. I put foil on a cookie sheet, spray it with cooking spray. Put veggies on, add sausage. Salt n pepper, and italian seasoning over all. Cover with foil...bake at 400 degrees for close to 1 hr...or until done! Here are before and after pics...enjoy!!

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Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Gee that looks good.

I am baking a chicken today, and will make some stuffing, one of my favs.

Karen, I don't guess I get tired of food, I just run out of ideas of what to cook.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

That looks yummy. I'll have to get the stuff to try that!

Brrrrr cold cold cold!

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Marcy, that looks good. DH is on a low Carb diet due to his diebetes. I will go lite on potatoes and add califlower. I am having trouble coming up with different recipes and I get tired of the same old things.

Columbus, OH

Lou, I'm big into a spinach/zucchini patty phase. Relatively low carb if you don't use too many bread crumbs, and pretty darn tasty.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, my baked chicken went into the fridge when some neighbors called and invited us for supper last night. They had invited company from Indiana, and due to weather conditions, there was a ban on driving,so the company couldn't get there. She had cooked most all day, and invited us to come help eat the food so they wouldn't have so many left overs.

When we got home DH took that stomach virus, and has been sick all last night, today and tonight.

He got up about 6 am and turned on the coffee pot, and went back to bed. I got up about 7:30, and our water was frozen. He said he got water at 6, so in an hour an a half, all of it froze. It hasn't thawed today, and he has felt so miserable that he didn't fool with it.

I have made several trips to his DB's house to get buckets to flush the commodes, and some to cook with, and wash dishes with.

DS and one of his friends is coming in the morning to work on getting the pipes thawed. We have been in this house 20 years, and this is the first time we have had frozen pipes. I have felt like I am a pioneer today, lugging those buckets around.

Since I knew I could do precious little at home, decided to go to the grocery and get that over with. I am going out with my neighbor tomorrow for lunch. Hope it is warmer than it is now.

I have had a headache all day, and when I got home from the grocery I used the Netti pot and took a sinus tablet and it is all better now.

Here's hoping for warmer weather tomorrow.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Sorry about your pipes, Bonnie. That's the pits! Hope Hubby is feeling better by now.

I had one of my garden clubs last night, it was cold but fun. We did "Zentangle". Really just a form of doodling, but kind do addicting! First we doodled on paper, then we moved on to either a note card or a rock for the garden. I chose the rock, but didn't get very far with it because of time. I will finish it here at home.

We're supposed to get up to 32 today. Wow! Having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave....

Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Marcy, That looks really good! Thanks for sharing!

Celene, Your spinach/zucchini patty's sound tasty. Thanks for the great idea's.

Bonnie, I can understand running out of idea's. We can always get inspiration from our friends here.
Sorry to hear about your pipe's freezing up. Hope they can get them thawed out for you today.
Hope your DH is feeling better.

Joyce, Will you share your rock when you get it finished? That sounds interesting and fun.
I'm looking forward to our heat wave.

Today is the first day back to school for my DS. They have had 4 snow days since Christmas break. I'm going to enjoy the day and clean house.
Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Yes, Karen I'll share. I will have to put it on the home computer because I don't know how to add a picture on my IPAD yet.

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Joyce, I have been trying to figure that out myself. If I can figure it out I'll let you know!
Have a Blessed Day!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Well, DH felt better today, so he investigated the "no water" situation. As I said we have been in this house for 20 years, and have never had a problem. Well, after checking all the pipes and finding none frozen, he went to the meter and lo and behold, our meter had frozen and burst. So it was an easy fix, just call the water company. It was fixed in less than an hour after we called. So glad that it was nothing that he had to thaw, or to replace.

My older sister is in the hospital, and her DH called me this morning, and I know that he wanted me to go to the hospital and check on her, but I told him that DH was sick, and I had not gone to the NH this week, and was trying to stay away from all people, as I am having cataract surgery on Monday, and don't want to take a chance on coming down with something that would cause me to have to cancel that surgery. I don't know that my DBIL or DS is pleased, but that is the way it has to be this time.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Hey,gang, I have been offlist so long that I don't know what greetings to use. Can I leave it at happy New year and go from there?
Been busy helping DS and DDIL settled in their new home. Abt a month after they moved in, DDIL's grandmother, whom she cares for, broke her hip and femur. She was not a candidate for surgery, so they brought her back home aft a few days in the hospital. Their old house didn't sell, so they decided to put it up for rent. They had 11 calls within the first 24 hours, so I expect it will be rented soon. Plus their realtor put their name in with a local movie scout who is coming to see their (new) house later this week for a small shoot sometime this year. That would be a hoot!
Holidays got a little more complicated this year due to Ann's broken bones, but we managed to have pretty good times. I had a great time at the craft fair in Covington. Now i'm just waiting on the deep freeze to move a little farther north so I can get out and see some movies, and visit my friend neil's chickens.
Advice to all: try and avoid Cincinnati in a car. They're doing major work on 75 between downtown and the lateral, and every route I take off the highway has some major detours. I wish I could get air-dropped, it's so frustrating!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good to see you Pat. I asked about you several times, and just prayed that you were busy or otherwise engaged, and not dead!

Hamilton, OH(Zone 6a)

Bonnie, Great news on the pipe's! Hope they were able to get the meter fixed for you.

Pat, Glad to hear your DS will be able to rent out their old home. How neat that their new home will be in a movie.
Hope that your DDIL's grandmother's recovery goes well.
It feels better here today. It's cold but, not arctic. I can live with cold. I'm a wimp when it come's to the arctic cold air.

I'm cleaning out dresser drawer's today. I have found several dollar's so far. Not bad for sitting on my hind end and organizing.
Better get back to work or finding more money.
Hope everybody has a Blessed Day!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Thunder woke me up! What a week of weather swings, from minus 4 to 51.
Spent the day packing up most of the Christmas stuff. Took breaks reading about how they found the body of King Richard III of England. He was buried under a parking lot. They have DNA confirmation and all. I would love to have been an archaeologist. The son of a friend abandoned his first chosen profession and gone back to school for archaeology. He spent last summer digging on one of the Ohio mounds.

Short storm...going back to sleep

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pat, I too would like to be an archeologist. Love the idea of discovering old things, but I would want to work in Egypt.

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