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Bridgewater, ME

This is what my bedroom window has looked like the past few mornings.-21 this morning.Weather man says it may reach 40 Monday and rain.Mother nature thinks she is

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Richmond, TX

---And that ice is on the INSIDE? !!!

Ferndale, WA

Donna, thank you for making all the rest of us feel I looked up the word Brrrrrrrr in French and was pleasantly surprised to find it is spelled Brrrrrrrr. Isn't that interesting...LOL. What would we ever do without you...Happy Holiday's Darling...Hay P.S. like my short sleved shirt...This is my great grandson and I...we bicycle together quite a bit...he is just now learning to fish also.

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Bridgewater, ME

Not even sure that's spelled right Hay,LOL Cut little boy,hard to believe he is your great grandson.I don`t think I would ever wear one of those helmets,I think all kids should for safety and its a law I think..I don`t think we will ever wear short sleeves again,I think its going to snow and be cold till June.LOLIts 12:30 in the afternoon and its still -4. And yes Porkpal that is on the insideI have plastic on the rest of my windows on the inside and they don't look like that,but I like my bedroom really cold for sleeping and as soon as it gets in the 30`s I put up my window a little

Bridgewater, ME

Balmy 25 here today,hard to believe only a few weeks ago I thought 25 was soooo cold

Bridgewater, ME

This is what I woke up to this morning.Freezing rain.But going up to 45 today then down to 4 tonight.As they say when you live in Maine wait an hour and the weather will change.All schools cancelled.Should say that is on the outside of my windows

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Bridgewater, ME

Furnace stopped working last night at 10pm.Had to have a repair man come and fix it.Was to cold to wait till morning.Felt bad for the guy that had to come out in the cold.But got it all fixed and the house did not cool off to much,but it was not that cold out ony 10

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