I am way beyond the end of my rope

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

A friend of mine gave me a Doxie puppy in August. She was born Feb 18 and that made her about 6 months old. She is a beautiful little thing but she wasn't house broken (should have known as I know my friends track record) grrr

Within the first month she contracted Parvo. I haven't have any dogs in years so thanks to a neighbor not keeping their dog up :( She had given her 3 shots but the vets say 4. That is why she caught it. 2000 dollars later she was fine. It was touch and go for 8 days. Then I noticed her chewing and realized she still had her baby canines wedged in tightly with her adult ones. Another grrrr as my friend should have noticed that. (Being a dog breeder (not doxies) for years she knew better...Well should have as some do it only for money. So we had to have her spay due to the parvo as we were considering breeding her 1 time first. That was 380 dollars as she developed an abcess from one of the shots they gave her in the shoulder area. They aspirated it $$ and gave her a a 2 week antibiotic shot. So she is spayed, micro-chipped, teeth removed, and of course abcess checked out and treated.

She has all the nyla bones any dog could have ( about 10 of them) Her favorite is them and everything else. I had a basket of seeds under my desk for months she didn't touch them. But took them out to work on them and she decided the ones I added to it looked good and ate some wisteria seeds. My David called poison control and they wanted 65 dollars but we remembered that came with the micro chipping. So after doing as they said she is fine.

Now back to chewing everything up. Nothing is safe. Last week I was so GREATLY upset as for days she will ask to go out and gets a treat for doing her business outside then went back to telling us after she went inside. We had bout the wee wee pads (Never wanted to do that as I feel it is giving her permission to go in the house) But now we do it. If it is not right in front of the garage door she uses the rug. I was so mad I wanted to get rid of her but David talked me out of it as we had so much money in her and he really loves her. Now we have 400 more dollars out for my glasses.

Lastnight I was so very tired and laid down and without thinking laid my 400 dollars on the other pillow. David got home and laid them on the desk and well you can guess while I was asleep she chewed up both arms and one lens is beyond scratched. They are not even 1 year old. I don't have the money to replace them and can't wear them like this. They are trifocals and I can't see without them.

I can't keep this up. I really hate that I am even thinking this but I am out of patience. I can give her back but I know she isn't treated well with 2 huge dogs and 1 other doxie. I have never had a dog like this. She is strong willed (and that is an understatement) I think she needs to be with someone whom can spend all their time and energy being all about.

Please help I am so drained trying to figure out how to deal with this.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

Need to add she eats everything. pine needles, my neighbors cat poop, bugs, and anything she wants.

She is on Nutro dog food which is one of the best ones. I raised other dogs 16 yrs on it and know she is not lacking in anything. We are saving for a fence but have a big play yard for her. We go out everytime she does.

mulege, Mexico

One of my dogs tried to drop a well-chewed bone nto my coffee cup this morning. While I was disposing of the bone outside one of the dogs (maybe the same one, I have four) drank the rest of my coff. Think they like the cream.

Nothing like what you are dealing with. I can sympathize but have no suggestions. My immagination conjures up a large hampster-type wheel in a cage for her to run on and be confined from destruction of the rest of the house.

Best of luck in dealing with her.


Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Holy moly...sounds like a handful! I would start with some NILIF training (http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/dogs/tips/training_nothing_in_life_is_free.html). That will help with some things. Mostly, though, it sounds like she needs a job, more walks, or something. I know, I know...I always hated it when people told me that about my Aussie (also very high energy and easily bored). I hope you find something for her! I know it is more easily said than actually done. :)

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

It seems you and your puppy have had a bad start. It's not your fault. First of all, she is young but came into your life late. Then she had Parvo, which is a really terrible, painful sickness. Then other health issues that have caused her more pain and suffering. Think of her like an only child who is not socialized. As difficult as this sounds she might be best off in a home that has one or more other dogs with another dog as dominant. At this rate fences and toys and special diets might only be palliative.

As for housebreaking, my rules are a dog should be on a schedule until they are reliable. If they are not reliable then go back to a schedule. A one year old dog is still a puppy when they come from her background. Additionally, my dogs, and I've had lots, are limited to where they can go in the house. The bedroom is off limits for a number of reasons, but mostly because we have had two or more large dogs at a time. Our dogs know when it's time to go to bed, are let out and then know where they need to be and what they need to do to get treats. That's get on their beds and wait.

We currently have a rescue hound who spent her first year tied to a tree and was bred on her first heat, at six months. She used to urinate and defecate on spot if you tried to bring her in the house or bathe her, or even made a sudden movement in front of her. She had both demodex and sarcoptic mange and heart worm when we got her. She ate all manor of weird things in the yard and was very anti-social. The weight for her breed is around sixty five pounds and she was forty. We had two aging rescues who helped bring her around. It was gradual and, when they went, we rescued another for her to train. We now call her the "Queen Bean". She still eats weird things and kills everything in sight but she is very loving and good in the house. She is only allowed in certain rooms and never crosses the line. We make her "down" before feeding because she used to be so aggressive.

If you are looking for an "only dog" it might be best to start with a healthy, outgoing animal. There are plenty of rescues out there that need love. I know this doesn't help with your current situation, but don't beat yourself up. You've done a lot for this pup.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Can't help with the rest, but would like to tell you my mom had a doxie. A pup. She was having a rough time house breaking him. So, she would put him in his crate at night, and first thing in the morning she would take him from his crate immediately and then, outside. He eventually got the idea that is where he was to go. Dogs will not, unless they are left a very long time, or are sick, etc., use their beds for that purpose.

Then after the dog has had it's food, outside he goes. etc. In other words, you develop a pattern and schedule for the dog.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

First some of this she will out grow, this I know from experience as I have the Demon Child from Hell. It would help a lot if you find ways to get her as much exercise as possible. A tired dog is a very good dog--I know!!!!!

But you need to get a crate!!! And some pet gates. I have 3 gates to keep my demon child out of some rooms.
Removing some of the temptations will remove some of the things you are having problems.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Oh the demon child is a lot better but he still gets into trouble, but I have learned to laugh as he always is laughing too.

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Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I have gates and a crate. I try to keep everything up but when I make a mistake she is right there to get it. I have called my friend as she said she would always take her back so we will see. She has a small farm and I really think she will be alot happier. I am not ready to try again but when I do it will be a puppy I get and train.

She had me all excited to get a 6-8 week old puppy and at the last min told my it was this one all along. Well I was already so excited I took her. She is adorable but was paper trained for 6 months. Have a message I found on facebook that her sister goes outside and right back into go on the paper. It is hard to have a dog trained one way for 6 months and try to change all she has learned. If I try to pop her with a switch or my hand she just lays down. She reminds me of my youngest DGD. She would turn her but up...or do it again and I would pop her bottom and she would do it again and again. After about 4 little pops I had to go into the room and cry. She is 11 now and we love each other so much. Writing sentences when she got old enough worked wonders with her. But nothing helps with "Brat"

I was so mad when I started this thread I just put down wee wee pads and cried myself to sleep. I was so frustrated I just knew I would hurt her and I don't want to do that.

I could build a fence and leave her out more but the hawks have been getting alot of animals here. I am going to pass for now of getting another dog as parvo is in the yard for 2 years and if I ever get one it will be 6-8 weeks and I will name her and train her. My Vienna I had for 14 years I trained from 6 weeks old. I could reach for a tree branch (switch) and she minded. I only had to remind her 2 times in 12 years what it felt like.

This baby just needs a place to run and run like where she came from. She is allowed to go in the house on paper, stay out and run with the 3 other dogs, and she will be happy doing what she was taught to do.

I feel like a quitter but I know for 5 months I have tried everything and have spent over 2900 dollars keeping her alive and well. I have given her more love than she had her first 6 months. A person can't do much more than that.

Thanks so much for being here. You all have been so nice to me. :)

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

So sorry you went through this. And this is problem the best thing for you
My boy will still get in trouble if you turn your back even for a second. But as he is my 3rd Belgian Tervuren I know what I was in for-thought he is even more so that the first two.
I believe that the more intelligent a dog is-the more trouble then can get into. I have to be on my toes all the time to keep ahead of the demon child. But for me he is the right dog even when he drives me up the wall.

Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

Using a switch or a hand to punish a dog is only going to teach her to
fear you and that's not fair to the dog or to you. If, as you stated. you know you
are going to hurt the dog it's time to quickly find another home for her. You
have already spent too much money and your frustration is obvious.

I work at a no-kill animal shelter and we've had success using clicker training with
dogs that come to us. However, it takes a LOT of patience and time, plus a sincere
intention to help the dog understand what's expected before he gets a click and a treat.
When you hit a dog he doesn't know what he's done wrong. He just knows he's not
safe and a very bad cycle of behavior can begin when that happens.

No offense intended with my comments but not every dog is right for every person.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I agree June. I wish I would have had her when she was 6 - 8 weeks old. She s beautiful and I do love her. This isn't as easy as it may seem because I really have tried. My friend sees them as "Just Dogs" and to me they are so much more. She did me such an injustice to give her to me. David would get mad at Betty for her going on the floor. Now it makes sense why she was so proud to tell us she already went as she used the wee wee pad but that wasn't what I wanted. It has been wrong to try to retrain a dog who has been allowed or trained going on paper is a good thing.

I am so angry with my acquaintance who actually set me up to fail.

June my other dogs never feared me. I did not hit to hurt them. I could say switch and my Vienna would run to the door. I don't believe in hurting any animal. I had looked into a shock collar but she is 10 lbs and it is not recommenced for 10 lbs and under. I want so bad for her to be right for us but I can not keep her locked in her crate. It is not fair to her to try to change whom she is or has been taught to be.

I got very sick and had to find a home for my dog the neighbors dog injured and a lady was baby sitting my Princess Doxie and she died in her care. I was so deep into depression I had to have 10 ECT (shock) treatments. Now that my David is in my life and she said she had me a puppy I thought it was time to open up again and love a dog. I think since I have failed so bad I won't ever allow myself to try again.

My Vienna lived 14 1/2 and died from addisons and Linky was 2 and abused when we got him and he lived to be 17.

I am crying now as I feel like a failure to her and David.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

No you did not fell her. Doxies are hard to trail, they are a very hard headed breed. But then almost all of the German breeds are (I had 2 Dobies)

And you should get another puppy but first study the different breed.

I am the first to tell people who fall in love with my Belgian that they are NOT a breed for every one.

mulege, Mexico

You have done so much for her. Easy for others to say "don't blame yourself" but you would not be the caring person that you are if you didn't. It's also hard to let a dog you love go back to someone who sees her as "just a dog." I've fostered and given away a number of dogs and I still worry about some of them. I tried to keep all of them but when I got up to nine two friends did an intervention and found new homes for five of them.

One of the four that I have now was a street dog in town for several years. While he "belonged" to a man I knew he spent most of his time outside and on his own. I took him when his owner left town and asked me to. The dog is very loving in some ways and dangerous in others as he learned early and hard to protect himself and believes that the best defense is a good offensse. After a year with me, he wanted to sit on my lap but was so fearful that he was both shaking and stiff as a board and wouldn't let me pet him. I have to say that it has been more a matter of him training me than the other way around. But I know I couldn't ask anyone else to take him because he does bite if he is frightened. And he gets frightened in strange ways that can be hard to predict. I'm grateful that we can both live with and he gets along well with my other three dogs.

It is clear that this has been very painful for you. When you care as much as you do it is very hard to stop trying. I agree that your friend dererves your anger. What a tcky thing to do, both to you and to the dog.

Let yourself grieve and move on when you can. There's no way this is going to be easy and that's the only things I can be sure of.

hugs, katie

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

How about calling the Doxie Rescue group and turning the dog over to them. Please be up front with them and let them know of the habits, both bad and good. I have gotten 2 dogs and 2 cats from our No-Kill Pet Rescue and the biggest problem is they are not honest with people. I know this so just make up my mind and find out things for myself. I don't hold it against them because I know they have a difficult job to find homes for these animals and all but one of them are volunteers. I think the problems people have with them is because they are not told the truth of the bad habits of the dogs so it comes as a shock to them like it did you.

Good luck with the dog and please don't feel guilty as you have done everything you can for the dog. They will find a home for him and he will be fine.

Redwood City, CA

Agree with everybody's advice. Clearly this dog is not right for you and should be rehomed ASAP since the stress is not good for either of you. I have no experience with Doxies but the ones I see on walks tend to be quite aggressive so I can see how they would be difficult to manage.

mulege, Mexico

Tinking about you and your dog and hoping both of you are doing OK. I agree with the person who suggested that a home other than that of your "friend" might be best for him. You have done wonderful things for him, saving his life several times over and I hope you can remember that. I have had to let several dogs that I fostered go to new homes and it's always hard. Sometimes love hurts. Please keep remembering teh good you have done for this one.

hugs, katie

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

Thanks all. I went to the eye dr and 425 dollars for new glasses :( I am really considering Doxie rescue. I don't think I am ready to have another one right now. It is breaking my heart but it is also wrong of me to try to retrain her as she doesn't understand why she is in trouble for things she learned.

I do believe giving her back is not a good thing but she said if it didn't work out she wanted her. Although I called and left voicemail and sent a message on FB with no answer. I can use that as the excuse as she hasn't gotten back to me.

I will call doxie rescue today and see what they say. Yes love does hurt. This little one did not betray me my friend (now less than acquaintance) did.

She is in bed with David right now snoozing away. She is the cutest little thing.

The first picture is the night before the Parvo hit her. Next she had a pic line for hydrating her when Parvo set in. She is just sitting on the couch, her first Halloween, and resting in My arms.

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Albuquerque, NM(Zone 7a)

The longer you keep this dog the harder it will be to let her go. In the meantime
she certainly is not getting the life she needs. The Doxie groups can give you
advice and probably help you place this young dog in a new home. Doxie's are
intelligent and strong-willed little dogs and need patient handling and training.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

I would certainly NOT give her back to that woman. No, I would not consider her a friend. Friends do not pull things like that on friends. Sorry, but I don't know why you even bothered with notifying her. I would talk to the folks at Doxie Rescue about her and are you thinking of getting another one? Might trade you one that would be more suited to you.

OR, like someone back there said, maybe the breed isn't meant for you. Do some research on google for different breeds and then when you find one you think you would like, check out their rescue. Or, call your local humane society and see what they have.

Please let us know what Doxie Rescue folks say, and what you decide to do. Please don't let this experience sour you on owning a dog.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

My David has decided to take her to obedience class for 6 weeks starting Jan 21. We went to buy her food and ask them about what they thought. He said he believes it may take a a stronger method but he doesn't believe she is a lost cause. I told him this is our last resource and don't want to give her away.

I did talk to a lady from Citizens for Animal Protection as Doxie rescue doesn't just take in dogs from owners. She suggested we do the weekend program where we have her evaluated and then bring her on Saturday morning and pick her up Sunday if not adopted. That is the only way to guarantee she won't be euthanized. :( I cried while I was telling about her and I told David it would be so hard to do that every weekend. I can't stand the thought of turning her over 1 time let alone take her and bring her home every weekend.

I will not turn her back over and I have known the lady 30 years and I unfriended her on facebook as I am really peaved at her. She told me a lady's doxie was going to have puppies and one was to be mine. Well when I resigned myself to get one after years not having one I was waiting patiently and she called and said Taffy was the one all along as she wanted to make sure she was fine before she gave her to me....I knew that was a lie and was so excited forgot all about how she lets her dogs go on paper...etc David and I fell in love when we saw her and well you pretty much know the rest.

I refuse to let her have her back as I think her GS was being mean to her as she was really skiddish when we got her. She is at my feet with a couple new nyla bones and a new stuffed toy. The squeaker won't make it thru 2 days but she loves it. I actually bought 40 squeakers off ebay a month ago to make her some toys...

I am praying this will work. David and I will both take her so she learns to listen to both of us :)

mulege, Mexico

You have my best wishes and prayers that is obedience class works and you will be able to keep her. It's clear that you love her but feel overwhelmed with trying to overcome her background. Glad you unfriended the person who gave her to you; what an inconsiderate person. Hard for you and for the dog.

Keep reporting on how you are all doing. I think about you often.

hugs, katie

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Good luck. You have more perseverance than anyone I have ever known. Very determined. If you get her to where you want her, you will have a wonderful pet. Again, good luck. Please keep us posted.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

I will definitely keep you all posted. You have helped me so much by being here for me. Yes if we survive we will be inseparable and the best of friends.

Thanks :)

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Great news. Make sure that the training method is not harsh. And no shock collars.

You are not the only one to have to go through things like this. I just talked to my sister and she will have to allow a rescue Staffie that she has be readopted to a home without other dogs. As this one has started to attack one of their other Staffies.
She is heart sick but knows that it is best as both dogs have been badly hurt and my brother in law has been bite very badly both times.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Wren, what is a Staffie? A Stafford Terrier?

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

yes the Staffordshire Bull Terrier are called Staffies for short.
like my Belgian Tervuren is called a "Terv" or when I am pissed off with him a "Turd"

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

No shock collars. I did look into them to keep her from eating everything she finds in the yard and house but they are not recommended for dogs 10 lbs and under. I am not sure I could do that to a fur baby.

THE PERSON named her Taffy but I call her Brat for Bratwurst :) But now she is fitting her name Brat too well. :(
I will not let anyone be mean to her but I am sure she will have to have a stern voice get the hang of it. I have one voice when I say get to the house she is learning to head for the door. She gets side tracked but it is a start.

We are not defeated yet :)

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Remember that they where bred to be hunting dogs so yes they can be side tracked by things and they where also bred to be stubborn as they had to be to go after the game down in holes.

I have problems with they herding instinct of my brat, I can not take him to the dog park as he wanted to herd the other dogs and some of the owners get a little up set his rump nipping. But this was very natural for the breed as it was for another herding down there who kept circling everyone.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

Yes I do understand that as the The name "dachshund" is of German origin and literally means "badger dog", from Dachs ("badger") and Hund ("dog")

From what I understand is badgers are mean also. So the doxie has to be stubborn to take on such an animal.

She is hard headed but for now so am I. :) I am hoping we can compromise and she sees things my way....:) Of course without being mean or hurting her physically. That is no way to get anything to do what you want. Love will win over aggression.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

We had our first class last night and she did absolutely wonderful. The trainer told us that she sees us as the pack leader. He taught her sit, and then he put food on the floor in front of him and would nudge her nose away if she tried to get it. After just a few tries he put food all around and she wouldn't go near it. David and I did the same with her and I put some 3 inches from her paw and she wouldn't even look at it. This will work great when I am working on seeds, accidentally drop medicine and keeping her out of cat poo outside.
He also is teaching her to look at us when we call her name so there is no doubt when we call her name we mean her. He gave us a great suggestion for getting her potty trained by ringing a bell hanging on the door knob.

I am really happy she is so responsive as I really have fallen in love with her and it was killing me to think of parting with her. He said to put my glasses down the same way as treats and nudge her away and she will learn they are mine and not to touch them.

I will keep you updated as the next 5 weeks come and go. He said she will be easy to train as she did exceptionally well her first time :)

((((HUGS)))) to all

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Sounds like a great trainer
Wishing you two the best of luck and looks like you will have it


mulege, Mexico

That is wonderful news. I'm so glad things are going well for both of you. hugs, katie

N.C. Mts., NC(Zone 6b)

We always taught our Boxers to ring the bells that I hung on the door knob. As a new pup, I would pick her up and ring the bell and say lets go pepe. After a while they will ring the bell them self. My last boxer, Babe, she lived to be 13 years and would still ring the bell when she wanted out. Good luck with that baby.

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

So good to hear. Wish someone around here would take lessons from your trainer and learn how to do that. Good for you too!! You are really great to give her another chance. I know how frustration can color your thoughts of things. I hope you give her a lot of praise. They live on it.

mulege, Mexico

How are things going? kb

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

She is doing good. We are still having problems with potty training. She insists on going in the bathrooms and going potty on the bath rugs. She is getting alot better with listening. We have 1 more class then graduation. Then we are moving on to the next one which will help her with distractions. No matter what is going on she is to listen to commands of one of us.

She is the cutest little thing and she really loves the guy teaching and helping us.

mulege, Mexico

That's really good to hear. Thanks for the update. kb

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

You know, I bought on line, only because I am too far away to go to their store, but think it was Petco or one of them, it is a liquid to add to water to clean where they have done that. suppose to take the odor out of it, no matter what kind of floor is there. i.e. linoleum, carpet, etc. Doesn't matter how old the stains are. But says to try it on a small place first to make sure it doesn't do anything to it. LIke carpet or furniture.

It is Natures Miracle, for cats only. I am sure they will have the same for dogs. I haven't used it yet, my cleaning lady asked me to get something. I was hoping to get some kind of spray that they found objectionable so they wouldn't go there any more, but nobody seems to know of anything. This supposedly leaves a nice smell they may not like. We'll see.

I even called the vet we use and they didn't carry anything, or know of anything like that. I will let you know if this works.

Baytown, TX(Zone 9b)

Ok that sounds great. Please let me know :)

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