Look What's In Bloom Jan 2014

Summerville, SC

I enjoy seeing others share their blooms, so thought it was my turn to share. Hope you enjoy the blooms! The first one is "Double Blossom" and the second one, though side ways, is "Papilio." I love the burgundy, cream and greenish tint to the Papilio. I had 2 stems of 2 blooms on each this year. Quite a treat!
The double blossom provided three stalks and this is the last of the three with 3-4 buds/blooms on each. What a great way to brighten the winter days. Happy New Year Gardening to all!

Thumbnail by gardenspot107 Thumbnail by gardenspot107
Perham, MN(Zone 3b)

Dancing Queen is doing well. Two giant spathes at the same time, each with four fat flowers.

Thumbnail by joanlc
Summerville, SC

Beautiful! I love the Dancing Queen, one of the most full and specatacular blooms. I always seem to get 2 spathes. Now I have "Best Seller" and "White Peacock" or "Snow Drift" not sure which one as I did not use a permenant marker when I marked it! I sure like when they send you the label to tuck in and keep them straight. Beauty is beauty. May I ask if you are good at getting them to "reforce"?

Munster, IN(Zone 5b)

Gorgeous both; I have one ready to bloom soon, and I'll post a picture. They so help with this long cold winter, and wanting to get back to the garden. So thank you for sharing

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Lovely. I only have Nymph in bloom now but more buds are appearing.

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Summerville, SC

Thank you for sharing your blooms too! Here are a few more blooms for the amaryllis eye!
"Best Seller," (Photo #3) "Snow Drift," (Photo 1) and I had to include the "Nun Orchid." (Photo #2) My front room loves the light and warmth! Sorry, I haven't figured out to turn the photos on this site. Every effort made them disappear...three efforts later, I am sending as is...beauty is beauty! :-) Enjoy!

Thumbnail by gardenspot107 Thumbnail by gardenspot107 Thumbnail by gardenspot107
Perham, MN(Zone 3b)

Gardenspot, OK, I definitely have to find "Best Seller" somewhere. Wow. Do you remember where it came from?

As for re-forcing - yes, that's the *only* way I do it. Minnesota, ya know? This is my third season with this bulb. I always get two spathes from each bulb (I have others), but not always at the same time, which with Dancing Queen makes such a fabulous display. So something about this past year made her feel particularly energetic, this time. Could be because she didn't try to re-bloom in the late summer, like the others did, silly creatures.

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