Mountain Rose Potatoes -location help

Beaumont, TX

I have an order of Mountain Rose Potatoes scheduled to ship in April. I am in the process of planning where to place the potatoes once they arrive. They will be growing in a raised bed, which can either be placed in full sun, partial sun or on my patio, which will receive shade with afternoon sun. I live in Zone 9 where the summer temperatures can easily rise to 95-100....given this information, where would you believe the best place to place the container would be?

emerson, arkansas, United States

i dont know about Mountain Rose Potatoes but i put my potatoes in the ground around mid feb to end of feb. i live in zone 8a 7b depends on what site you look on but most taters should be in the ground 3 to 4 weeks before last frost and they should be in full sun

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