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waterproof plugs..How to run a short cable from garage..

belfast, United Kingdom

HI All, I hope this forum is popular enough for me to gain a reply..time is running out seeing as another month and the seeds will have to be sown.

I have a greenhouse, sitting virtually next door to my garage. A gap of 20cm at best. I have a hole in my garage towards the bottom and a hold under my greenhouse - suitable for a wire for a plug ( to use for my heater/seed mat etc ).

Obviously the hole in the greenhouse is on the floor. All i want is a cable running from my garage into my greenhouse for electricty.

I have checked various sites, havent really a clue what to buy. Any thoughts. Basically it's the 20cm gap between greenhouse and garage which will mean the cable will be on the floor, i was thinking of housing it, but suspect water will creep in etc etc

I can just about wire a 3 pin plug....thoughts MORE THAN WELCOME.

Houston Heights, TX(Zone 9a)

If the green house has a dirt floor, embed a post and run the cable up the post and install the 3 pin plug on the post. you can place a bucket over it to keep water from accidentally splashing onto it. The cable will need to be longer to run up the post, of course.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

OK, jarjobo here's what my husband did to get electrics from out garage into my greenhouse.

Go to B&Q / DIY store, Take a rough sketch with sizes and show this to staff at electrical goods. Look for electrical plugs for OUT DOORS USE (they have a plastic cover to prevent water soaking into the plug holes) we used a double fitment as I wanted to have a strip light for darker evenings AND another plug for my heated Propagator, or FAN for summer hot weather, these heated propagators or small fans don't need high voltage however, other type of heating unit's might so make sure you check for that.

Measure how much cable you need to reach from the garage connection all the way into the spot where you want the plug to be housed in greenhouse, don't skimp, better cutting 6 inches off the length of cable than finding your short.
Don't have loose cable, you can purchase special clips to hold the cable in place preventing movement or tripping over cables.
You need to ask for the length of insulated cable as this is heavy duty Armoured to prevent mice, spades or mowers from cutting through this cable OR if you use normal household electric wiring, then you need to buy tubes / piping, copper or other material to offer protection to the electric cable.
IF you need to have MORE electrics added then you would obviously need professional help or a competent person who does DIY, if you need help, it may cut the cost IF you dig any holes / trenches, with trenches you would need to sink the cable down below the surface about a foot deep, cover the Armoured cable with old roof tiles or Med size gravel a) to protect the cable and b) to make sure you don't go dig the area later, forgetting the cable is there or the next occupier of the home. Any of our DIY stores should be able to offer help or advice on the correct type of materials to use.
This is NOT a huge expensive outlay type job BUT safety advice is a MUST HAVE, after that you should be bale to do this yourself. Make sure you can isolate the greenhouse wiring by having a switch on / OFF from main source / Garage for safety.
Good luck. and Kindest Regards WeeNel.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Is it possible to just run an extension cord, or what every term you use for them, from the garage to the green house? There isn't enough space between the two to trip over it. Over here most if not all extension cords can be used outside as long as you don't get the ends wet.

belfast, United Kingdom

Thank you all for your informative replies. I am very tempted to go down the more expensive route and have a prof' electrics chap do the job properly.

May however check out products at B&Q ( though wouldnt or a second ask one of their staff!!! yeesh..would have more joy from asking one of the paint tins! in my past experiance of them anyway! )

But thanks again, appreciated you replies. Seeing as Spring is not too far away, may opt just for a makeshift one for this year - and invest properly for winter next year.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The Extension cords here are NOT insulated enough for the outdoor weather we get, AND as this is going into a greenhouse, then there will be water around, also IF it is just a foot or so between garage and greenhouse, then carry the cable overhead, use a wire, wrap the cable around the wire ir use ties, this will prevent the cable being blown, stretched ect, just make sure BOTH PLUG ends are indoors, not open to elements, stiil important to use waterproof greenhouse plug fittings through for safety, these are instant shut off IF anything is a miss, as you will know, electricity can be dangerous, LOOK up B&Q leaflets on how to wire up outdoor lights or electric items, there are hints for electric lawn tools and it's the same for greenhouse lighting.

I fully understand what you mean by unhelpful staff, I guess I was expecting your local branch to be a perfect example of excellence LOL.
I was in B&Q 2 weeks ago and asked IF anyone could give me INTERNAL SIZES of a cooker extraction FAN, to be informed with the unhelpful aggressive reply about going on line for that kind of technical info, the voice getting louder and louder, I replied as kindly as possible that I had drove 40 miles to come to store, did NOT expect to be shouted at and would like someone who will know the answer to my question to be called to assist, The staff member barked he was NOT shouting, he was just fed up and pointing put he had been on duty since
8:30 AM with people asking technical questions and he was NOT trained to answer, I suggested he went to VOICE Coaching as he needed to get the aggression removed from his voice tones when dealing with customers who keep the store open and help keep him in a job,
But by then I decided to walk out and NOT return to that store, I live a good distance from stores and expect to try shop for a whole list of stuff at the one journey. my advice to you is, try small electrical store who really need your money.
Wee got our new cooker extractor fan from small family store and any amount of help, even removed the fan from box to allow husband to measure it would fit the chimney already in the house.

Good luck, WeeNel.

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