Types of Flowers that are popular today?

Jakarta, Indonesia

Hi Everyone,

Please share with me types of flowers that are popular today, if anyone knows?

Please tell me?


Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

This question is too vague to answer specifically. Are you asking about annuals or perennials, cut flowers? In what part of the world?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Agree, too many plants / flowering ones, to mention AND like all fashion things, they come and go in and out of fashion/ popularity, but some last a lifetime never going out of fashion BUT again depending on season, depending on what area of the world as some plants /flowers CANT grow in hot areas where others NEED cool conditions or Arid conditions and all can be popular in those specific regions.

My favourite flowers are Star Gazer Lilies, Roses (but cant grow the Roses as the deer eat them) Rhododendrons, Azalea's, Camilias and many more, some cant grow here in Scotland other are prolific but people don't think of them as Popular TODAY.

Maybe more info from you would get more answers from a wider range of Gardeners.
Best wishes. WeeNel.

San Francisco, CA

I agree this is a very broad question. I guess it depends where you are. Roses, orchids are always regular favorites. You can look at local garden clubs. If there's a club formed that means a lot of people like those type of plants. Look at what the florists are selling if you are looking for a bouquet for your wife or sweetheart. In my local shop, there's a "blue" flower craze. I see dyed blue carnations, daisy, roses, orchids. The flowers were also sprinkled with glitters. Go figure!

Geronimo, TX

Here in Texas, the new "in" thing is native plants. We do have some wonderful natives, and it is wonderful that they are more available and better appreciated. Hope this trend lasts a long time.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

There are lots of flowers which are popular today.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I'm loving the natives and wildflowers too.

Penticton, Canada

At Penticton, Canada we love fresh flowers especially roses, poinsettias, marigolds and many other annuals, perennials. For many loving people variety colored roses are the main point of attraction.

Lanzhou, China(Zone 4b)

peonies and rose especially rainbow rose are very popular. This is a Christmas tree made by various herbaceous peony flowers. This art is really amazing.

Thumbnail by paeoniarockii

You can look at local garden clubs. If there's a club formed that means a lot of people like those type of plants. Gazer Lilies, Roses are very popular.

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Lititz, PA(Zone 6b)

The main flowers you see everywhere in the Mid Atlantic/Northeast region of the USA are as follows:

Shasta Daisy - SUN
Black Eyed Susan - SUN/PART SUN
Yellow Coreopsis - SUN/PART SUN
Stella de Oro Daylily - SUN/PART SUN
Hosta - MOSTLY SHADE but you can get away with sun too

If you were from America, you could just go to Home Depot and get whatever they have there ;)

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