gauging water pressure

Waldon, CA

I unwittingly messed up the factory default setting of 60psi on my Honeywell DS05 pressure reducing valve (by taking apart everything). So now I don't know exactly what pressure it's set to, and am trying a novel approach to guessing, but need your help.

To back up a bit:
This brass valve is used for lowering the water pressure "upstream" from several Toro anti-siphon valves that are connected to drip lines. My incoming water pressure is around 100psi, so I used the heavy duty brass valve to reduce the pressure for all of the drip lines to about 30psi, rather than install a pressure reducer for each line.

I had some trouble, and dismantled the guts of the valve, thus messing up the pressure dial (such that the number shown doesn't reflect the actual pressure). After reassembling, I can turn the dial either direction to increase/decrease the valve's output pressure. But I'm trying to figure out what is the appropriate level for a drip line - about 30psi - without having to dismantle more of the system in order to attach a pressure gauge.

Here's my method: I remove the solenoid cell on one valve, and observe how high up the water spurts! If it just barely flows, then I can twist my pressure reducer valve dial, and increase the flow. If I increase it a lot, then the water streams upward over 10 feet. Somewhere in between these two extremes is the right amount of pressure. Can anyone tell me about how high the water should spurt when the pressure is at 30psi?

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