Not a good day for new chicks

Bridgewater, ME

Hubby is on his way home with 3 new silkie babies he picked up for me.He is bringing them home in the trailer truck and the weather is horrible.Just got me a pathway cleaned out for me Sunday thanks to all the wind and snow and now it looks like it will be full again.SOOOOO WANT SPRING.Will post pics of my new white silkie babies tomorrow.They are good quality silkies can`t wait to see them full grown

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Ferndale, WA

We will look forward to the pic's of these little newbies...Our winter so far has been very mild. Hope your goes away soon...Hay.

Richmond, TX

I used to live in New England and ski in Maine; even under normal conditions, winter there lasts forever!

Bridgewater, ME

Meet Peter,Paul and Mary the silkies.(not sure of sex yet but like the names) They were in a tote but It was to small for them,you see the tote behind the tent.I got this pet tent at Mardens for $20.00! great deal,have seen them line for $40.00 and way more.Going to get another if they have any left.I aslo got this new heater that they get under to keep warm,no fire danger and it only uses a few watts,you can lower it for new born chicks and higher for 5 week olds like mine.They have bigger ones but they are a little out of my price range right now,put that on my wish list.I got this on amzone and I had points saved so got a good deal on it,but it only can keep 20 small chicks warm at a time.Just thought of something I have a birthday coming up in March,I will ask for the bigger one from hubby.

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Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Congratulations on your new babies! They are totally cute. That tent-thing was sure a good buy and I am intrigued with that warmer. The heat lamp I had with my last batch of chicks made me nervous. Now I want more chicks and I'm going to look into that warmer. I'm going to wait until April or even May for new chicks. I'm not really so worried about the cool weather, it is the wind once I turn the part-grown chicks out into their coop and run.

Hope you have good luck with Peter, Paul and Mary!

Bridgewater, ME

We have had a few beautiful days,sun shinning in the 20`s and low 30`s.Chickens have loved being outside and having an hour of extra daylight,me to,lol. Got more broodies.Will be setting cochin ,silkie and showgirl eggs Tuesday,and a friend has 4 she wants me to hatch for her.Have first silkie chicks hatching out in coop Tuesday and then a few more hatched out in the coop.House silks doing great,they are some loud come bedtime till they settle down to sleep.

Bridgewater, ME

And the hatching in the coop has started,seen an empty shell,to cold to check.There are two hens sitting on the eggs so babies should be warm.Will post pics,then they are all hatched and they bring them out

Bridgewater, ME

Showgirl babies and cochin babies,hatching is almost over with in coop,but still have a lot broodies in both coops,will take incubator chicks and give them to the broodies the 25th if they are still broody

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