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exotic chicken in viet nam

39999, Vietnam

Hello ! We are pleased to introduce to you one particular species of rare birds in the world only in Vietnam . Received great attention from Crown Prince of Japan , as well as experts in the livestock sector of the country as .
It is the king of chicken or frozen chicken algae called because it originated in the eastern communal algae - Hung Yen Chau district pleasure - Vietnam . Chicken in Vietnam over the king was known legend is often used to worship the King . Famous for frame legs is like dragon feet . with the dark red substance like beef crisp sweetness of the thick layer of skin . with high body weight to , as one mighty generals . weighing 4 - 6kg roosters , hens 3 - 4kg . as well as his remarks chef Adam 1 of 5 stars Fine said. " This is the species most delicious chicken you 've ever processed and enjoy ." And now we want to introduce this special breed worldwide . desire to cooperate with international organizations and development of artificial propagation for this rare breed .
The more you can refer to on our website
Website :
Phone: +84918768688
Mail : [email protected]

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39999, Vietnam

chicken king

Thumbnail by chickenking

It's a cool looking chicken.

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39999, Vietnam

How do you see it?

Richmond, TX

That is definitely an impressive and different bird! Is this a naturally occurring species or was it developed through selective breeding?

39999, Vietnam

It's a rare bred of poultry that can be found nowhere but Dong Tao - Khoai Chau - Hung Yen. It's a result of nature

For one thing it is different,because of the legs on it.It is very different from any other chicken.

(Zone 6b)

Yes. Very different. I like them, but then I like all chickens.

Are you saying they are for sale in the United States now? I went to the website but it is all in Vietnamese.

(Zone 6b)

Well, I have looked online and can see no other chicken pictures that resemble these, so I am unsure what to think.

Richmond, TX

My guess would be that they are not available here - yet anyway.

He is saying that the chicken is only in Vietnam.

(Zone 6b)

Well, let's admit it. If they are real, we all want one. :D

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Dinosaur chicken!

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Looks like an overweight person with really fat legs.

(Nadine) Devers, TX(Zone 9b)

creepy if you ask

Haldawani, India

it must be having difficulty in walking and would probably only survive within controlled environment, i guess. It is definitely impressive breed.

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