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wine bottles in container garden

Lubbock, TX

Has anyone used wine bottles upside down or plastic soft drink bottles right side up to supplement water for your container plants in the summer?

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Hi there Juanema I have used plastic bottles ( usually green) and put a small hole in the bottom and the top to drip into some of my pots. I can keep them hydrated but becareful as your sun will be a lot hotter than mine and it can also reflect the heat.
I have used larger laundry soap containers in the yard to water a new plant for a longer time with a drip. I just use a toothpick in the out spout and partialy undu the screw top to allow the water to escape out the toothpick jammed open spout at the bottom. You can play a little bit to get the flow or drip you need. If you don't release the top cap you end up with a vacume and no water will escape into the soil.
Hope this helps.
Alberta Ann

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