Anyone make their own cat food?

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I've been thinking about this and just wondering if anyone out there does it? What is your "recipe"??

Mequon, WI(Zone 4b)


Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Well, I was hoping for a bit more than that...............LOLOL

"Cats do not live by mice alone.............." :>) If my house herd caught a mouse, they would probably play with it and let it get away. No hunter instinct, I'm afraid.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

In veterinary school we read a research project involving feline nutrition and feeding cats rodents... were determined (not surprisingly) to be a perfect diet for them.. actually better than 95% of all commercial diets, even the 'best' ones.

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

Well, that is something I didn't care to hear re: my housecats. LOLOL Interesting, tho.

Mequon, WI(Zone 4b)

And here I was just trying to be funny!

Monroe, WI(Zone 4b)

I just thought that since people made their own dog food, there would be more healthful alternative for felines. Not saying mice aren't healthful..................

Dahlonega, GA

I can't even unload a mouse trap . I'd never be able (In my mind ) to wash the germs off . I've had two or three mice here in 12 years . Hope my simi- feral cats are doing their job outside .

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