Leaf Damage

Bar Harbor, ME

Okay, I have 4 different varieties of Hibiscus: Donna Lynn, Petra, Headmaster and Chinese Lanterns. Both the Headmaster and the Chinese Lanterns have leaf damage at the leaf margins (the other two varieties have no such damage). I can see no leaf chewing or sucking insects. There are no stippled leaves or webbing, no nothing that points to a specific mite or insect that is chewing on them. I suspect that it might be some microscopic mite that's attacking the leaves before they come out.

Anyone have any experience orr input that might help me out?


Thumbnail by BARHARBOR
Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Sorry this wasn't answered before. It does look like mite damage.
I don't know off hand how you would treat it though.

Bar Harbor, ME

Thank you, Barb.


Colorado Springs, CO(Zone 5b)

It could have also gotten hit by a cold spell coming up. Do you have new growth on the plant now?

FU, United States(Zone 9b)

Could be a combination of 'temperature-change' and 'white-flies, .... spray it with a hose once every 2 weeks and see if the leaves start looking better :]

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