nervous problem?

north coast nsw, Australia

one of my chickens has had a fit twice before, flapping around on the ground with her head back like she has a broken neck, just for a few minutes then shes right again. I thought she'd been bitten by a snake or something and was dying. Has anyone ever heard or seen this. Wondering weather to put her down or not. Now its over she seems fine, eating and doing everything like a normal chook.

Bridgewater, ME

Idon`t know what it could be,maybe someone else will be able to answer it,but as long as she seems ok otherwise I would not put her down.

Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

perhaps bitten by a spider? I don't think chickens have epilepsy as I can't find anything on the subject. I am allergic to spider bites now and have had a nasty similar reaction. Just a thought....hope someone has the correct answer but if she acts normally otherwise I'd probably just keep an eye on her but leave her alone.

north coast nsw, Australia

what are the chances of being bitten by a spider and having the same symptoms twice though. I was thinking epilepsy, it was like that.???

Richmond, TX

I have never had a hen seizure and recover, but I have had chicks that had brief seizures and then grew up to be normal hens with no further problems.

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