2014 Thrifty Plant Hunt

Cumming, IA

Yes, I know you can have it cheap, or you can have it good, and sometimes with a little bit of luck you can find a bargain.

So, I have started a spring plant hunt. Today I went to Sam's Club as I had heard that the lilac starters had come in. Well, yes they had lilacs and most seem to have broken dormancy. There is another month of winter still ahead (snow coming again this weekend ) and these little 6" tall, from 2" pots shrubs are sitting in little plastic bags in cardboard boxes in a warehouse store. Unbelievable!

The good news is that they did have Congo (magenta), Madam Lemoine (white), Edward J. Gardiner (pink), Sensation (purple picotee), a common lilac and a Persian too.

The bad news is that they need to be potted up and given light and water pretty soon.

What are you finding out and about? any surprises?

I better get back to potting up those lilacs....I bought 48.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Wow!! That's alot. lol

At my store we have trees and packaged bulbs in along with houseplants. We won't start getting live plants for outside for another week or so.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

Yes, wow, beckashoe, that is alot! If you want to find homes for any of them bring them to our Roundup! Just kidding, but you should come anyway! Maybe you could do the March thread preferably at midnite straight up?

My friend here LOVES Lilacs, there is only 1 here but if she could she'd have many more! 48 of them though, that would make a heck of a nice hedge in a sunny spot so lots of flowers, that'd be awesome someday. The fragrance of 48 of them, wow is all I can say!

Now, about that name!?

I went to Home Depot again tonite, I want that Dwarf Patio Peach tree, but it is $40 so may have to wait on that! It's funny that the bulbs in stores don't get a 1 year warranty like the grown plants.
I wish HD would come around on that, it's not like they're not going to be plants.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Well it's a good thing you decided to wait on the trees. They may not live thru the cold temps this week. I'll have to check next week and see how they fared. They are still outside and have no protection there on the side of the building.

suburban K.C., MO(Zone 6a)

I was at HD yesterday and I was curious what the hardiness on it was, it said minus 20, (the Patio Peach). It does indeed get cold and they're just in pots on pallets outside.

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