My Prairie Garden in southeast Pennsylvania

Downingtown, PA

In 2002 I started a backyard native, naturalistic garden inspired by the National Wildlife Federation's Wildlife Friendly Backyard Gardens. There was nothing but lawn in my whole 1/4 acre yard, so I started from scratch, installing planting bed areas. The first photo is in 2003 with the orange Butterflyweed having multiplied from just one original plant by seed. Virginia Culver's-Root in white bloom in the second shot in July 2005. Wild Quinine with white flowers in bloom in the back of the third in July 2007. Queen-of-the-prairie in pink bloom in early July of 2012 of the forth photo. The fifth photo shows a farther shot of the garden in July 2010.

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Vienna, VA(Zone 7a)

Beautiful! I'm glad to see Culver's Root in a garden setting. When I bought it from a native plant society, the volunteer helping with the sale said it might be too floppy for a garden. Yours sure isn't.

Vienna, VA(Zone 7a)

Do you by any chance have photos of gardens on slopes? I have an area that slopes up from my patio, and I want it to look good from the patio. I'm wondering how, or whether, to factor in the varying plant heights.

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