Anyone grown mexican tula salvia?

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

I saw this and want it for the focal point in my flower bed.
I know down south things grow taller and wider in the plants..
than they list on the sites..

your thoughts on this plant...
height and width in southern states?
When did it bloom, what month did it start?

Thumbnail by Sheridragonflys
Belton, TX

I love it, but have to use it as an annual...other of the salvia Mexicana are hardier and for the most part have remained evergreen all but this last winter. Tula also seems harder to root cuttings from than some of my others...but I replant each year around May.

Tula gets about 8' tall and perhaps 4-6' wide...blooming begins in late June and continues through until the first frost, which is most often in late October. The blooms are the same color as on Limelight, and seem to cover the top and sides of the only blooms on the ends of the branches.

I am not sure this is what you wanted, Sheri...we are in central Texas, zone 8 to 8b.

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

thank you for your reply....
I had to go with smaller salvia due to the area in flower bed
I went with two toned pink micro..and blue ensign
those may be too big also but I am thinking
4 foot by 4 foot in my area or 5 by 5 foot here
and allowed that much room for my flower bed.
I love the huge long tubular blooms on some salvias
but they get so big and take up so much room
that I do not purchase those..

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