Your indoor coleus 2014

Mount Laurel, NJ

How is everyone doing with over wintering their coleus so far this year? Mine don't seem to be doing as well. Perhaps my lights are wearing out. I made some new cuttings about a week ago and they don't look like they are going to make it at all! Almost all of them are completely limp looking! It seems like after a week they should show some sign of perking up!

cornwall, ON(Zone 4b)

I have had some that laid right down and I thought they were goners but after two weeks they are standing up and starting to look like they will make it . I just make sure they aren't getting direct sun, and that the soil is sopping wet- well maybe not sopping but well moistened and I always water from the bottom. I am assuming you have them in soil and not in water. If they are in water, recut and retry. I have mine next to a west facing window. I have had better luck with the window than under the florescent lights. Hope this helps. Sandra

Mount Laurel, NJ

Most of my coleus did perk up and are ok now. It took quite awhile though and I have never seen them stay limp that long. A couple did die. I wish I had some good window space, but my window sills are too narrow and it's too cold there. I keep my geraniums there as they don't mind the colder temps as much as the coleus. do.

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