Why so short???

Santa Rosa, CA

I tried to post this in the bulb section but that is only for paid subscribers. hopefully somebody here can help me.

I planted these tulip bulbs at the end of fall and they are now growing out of the surface of the dirt. one in particular has already gone into bloom and i am not sure why it is so short. i thought it would get much taller before it bloomed.

maybe i planted them too deep? or maybe it is too hot and is triggering them to bloom early? only one has bloomed like this so far and i want to know if i can prevent the others from doing the same. or is this just how they grow? and they get their height post bloom?

thanks for your help in advance!

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Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

How deep did you plant them?

I had difficulty with bulbs when I lived in CA.

Santa Rosa, CA

i followed according to the package. i dont remember exactly now. but like 2-3 inches below the soil.....

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

There as so many different types of Tulip, different flowering times, different sizes and as many different care as in soil, temp, different size of bulbs.

As a general rule for ALL bulbs, they require planting 3 time the depth of the actual Bulb size, in other words, IF a bulb measures 2 inches from growing tip to the bottom (root end) then the bulb needs planted about 6 inches, for different bulbs depending on soil, you either need to add some humus (compost or manure) this allows air, nutrients and allows the soil to retain a bit more moisture, however, there are other bulbs that require a added drainage so you would put some horticultural sand or very small grit to the planting hole and this prevents the bulb sitting in too wet soil, tulips don't like wet soil but I would imagine in your area you wont have that problem. Here in UK (West coast and very damp most times) so I lift Tulips each year After flowering has passed.

IF you can remember the actual Name of the Tulips, you could then do a search of that type of tulip and the height, care and any other requirements could help you out,
They do look very healthy, the flowers are large and colourful, the foliage looks strong and other than being short in stature, I don't see anything un-to-ward with them, the only other thing I can think of, IF the bulbs were meant for INDOOR planting, being outside could stunt the growth.

Wish I could help you more, Maybe asking on the Plant identification forum could also help you find out more about the bulbs.

Good luck and kindest Regards.

sonora, IA

good luck!

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