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Manchester, United Kingdom

We went out to see a snowdrop garden today. 50 species apparently....saw about 3.On the way out..There were some brilliant Daphne. Is Daphne Odora the most fragrant care free bush?

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

We have lots of different Daphne here in UK, they like the same conditions as the snowdrops,
The don't like a wet / damp soil but ordinary soil is OK with added compost or other form of Humus added at time of planting.

As there are many different colour's, height / spread of this shrub, you need to decide what size you want as they don't really need pruning or you loose the very lovely perfumed flowers you are wanting.

Most Daphne's are heavy perfumed, some more than others and to be honest, it is a matter of taste what you like regarding perfume, I would go more for the size, leaf colour, time of planting and finally the flower time.
I have a couple of them and my personal favourite is Daphne 0dora, the pale purple flowers eventually turn cream coloured and when I realised the perfume, I dug it up and planted it closer to the house so I could smell it when passing. this Odora from China grows around 5-6 ft tall, the flowers CAN open very early spring, Feb- March and some springs it is still flowering in April. the other one I love is Daphne Odora -Aureomarginata, it is a bit hardier in our climate UK, has nice leaf colour with a White edge, it glows in the border when a few years old.
Like I said, there are many others and what one person likes someone else might NOT get the same enjoyment.
Do a search on line for Daphne suitable for UK as there are some that are only about 6-8 inches tall.
Good luck WeeNel.

Manchester, United Kingdom

Thanks!! I live in Stockport & the plot available is in full sun for a classy bush , cottage flowers & herbs. We were going to have an acer but really the soil is good....I removed a "minature" conifer that grew 12ft high....we have 9ft by 6ft to play with....

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Nothing to stop you using the Acer also, the ornamental ones are very slow growing and maybe select one that the colour of the foliage would compliment the Daphne.

There are beautiful slow growing Acer's that have Amber foliage, there is also burnt orange or deep Maroon with edges of yellow or pink, then there are different colours of green with as many type of shaped leaves too, I feel sure your Daphne would look very nice beside the Acers. Just do a search for ORNAMENTAL Acer's and you will be surprised at just how many as well as sizes of those lovely shrubs.

Hope this helps you fill the space you have and you get much enjoyment from your new shrubs.
Best Regards.

Manchester, United Kingdom

We have a magnolia stelata,acer,azalea by the back door.I moved the azalea slightly & noticed it was pot bound....broken it up......The conifer at the front that I got rid of was VERY small for 15 yrs then it shot up!!!!!March flowering Daphne were half price mail order tho ..not bought

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