overwintered these

toms river, NJ

These have provided a great bright spot. Looking forward to warmer weather.

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Hillsborough, NC


Mount Laurel, NJ

They look very nice. Are they under artificial lights? What are the names of your varieties?

toms river, NJ

none are named - all under 2-40w grow lights with some natural light in afternoon
1 and 2 are from friends and have them for many years
3 and 4 were from lowes last year

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

The third one looks at lot like Florida Sun Rose, and the fourth looks a lot like Electric Lime. Over-wintered plants are sometimes difficult to ID. They may get a sufficient amount of light, but there is nothing like sunlight: the color arrays of the spectrum are not easy to duplicate. Margins on over-wintered plants are often much narrower or wider or a different color. The Twist and Twirls do better for me indoors than outdoors for reasons unknown.

Without a doubt, they are all looking forward to going outdoors, and we are looking forward to it also.


Duluth, GA(Zone 7b)

Does someone have Alabama Sunset Coleus to share. I forgot to bring mine in from cold.

Staten Island, NY(Zone 6a)

Hi dggardenerguy, we are both Staten island gardeners , I am in Westerleigh where are you?Great collection of coleus.

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